Business and Clinical Practice

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Business and Clinical Practice


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Security versus Flexibility As a Music Therapist– 
Thoughts on working as both an employee of a company AND as an owner of a private practice.

Patience, Productivity, and Presence– 
Three words I learned the meaning of in 2011.

Two Small Business Resources You Need To Be Using Now– 
There are some amazing free resources for small business owners online.
Make sure you are utilizing these resources!

Helpful Hints to Make Your Tax Season Stress-Free– 
Don’t we all want a stress-free tax season? Check out my tips to help you out!

Welcoming New Families– 
Here’s how I welcome new clients to my private practice and
provide them with all the start up paperwork and information they’ll need.

How Saying No Helped My Business Grow– 
Sound counter intuitive? Read on…


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Why Music Works in Therapy– 
Read why music is an effective medium for therapy.

Musical Preference. Is It Really That Important To Consider?  
Read to see why I say YES!!

To Make Eye Contact or To Not Make Eye Contact – 
One of my favorite topics when it comes to working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Why I Count to Five In my Head During My Sessions – 
This one might surprise you…

Creative Adaptations for Teaching Piano– 
Here are some creative ideas I use to teach children with special needs or
different learning styles.

Five Ways Picture Schedules Are Working For Me– 
Check out the reasons why I never go in to lead a session with young children
without a picture schedule.

Do You Want To See Music Therapy in Action?– 
Click to see pictures and watch videos of music therapy in action!

Why I Led This Music Therapy Session in the Dark

Breaking Free From My Session Plan Obsession: Part 1

Breaking Free From My Session Plan Obsession: Part 2

What To Do With All Those Conference Notes?– 
Here is how I organize my conference notes and other music therapy “goodies.”
Why didn’t I start doing this sooner??

What I Wish I Had Known Earlier About Writing Goals & Objectives– 
Read my secret to make writing goals & objectives simpler and more effective.

Connecting Music Therapy and Autism– 
Read the article I wrote for about why music therapy
is effective in engaging children with autism and helping them reach goals and objectives.

Do Your Clients Give YOU Ideas?– 
Mine do all the time.

Are You Shy About Sharing?– 
When it comes to blogging about music therapy online I am! Can you relate?

My Music Therapy Bucket List– 
Have YOU created a professional bucket list yet?
What are you waiting for?

Kickstart Your Creativity with Music Therapy E-Books– 
Check out these resources that have been receiving rave reviews:
Tuneful Teens & Sensational Songs and Activities

Four Things That Help Me Refocus on My Client– 
This article received a lot of buzz on the interweb. Did I leave anything out?

Presenting With PIZAZZ– 
Here I share my tips on giving engaging presentations that will wow your audience.

A Day in the Life of a Music Therapist at UCP– 
Never a dull moment; keeps me on my toes; I look forward to going to work each day.
Couldn’t ask for more!

Why Use Original Songs?– 
I use all original songs in my work with children with special needs.
Here I share why this is such a crucial part of my practice.

Target Dollar Section = Hidden Goldmine– 
Do you agree?

The Music Therapy Show with Janice Harris– 
Have a listen to my radio interview on The Music Therapy Show with Janice Harris (now Lindstrom).
I’ll share about my clinical work and life as a music therapist in both private practice and at UCP.

Music Therapy Builds Connections– 
Read to learn how music therapy builds connections with
other therapeutic disciplines.

A Month for Music Therapy Advocacy– 
January is Music Therapy Advocacy month – little did we know that Ben Folds
would declare #FollowMTWeek on Twitter!

Advocacy is For Everyone– 
Advocacy at the grocery store? With your insurance agent? You bet!

The Importance of People-First Language– 
See the person first, not the disability.

Saying Bye Bye Adios– 
How to address termination with children with special needs,
especially when you have interns coming and going every few months.

Hey Music Therapy Students!– 
My advice to music therapy students.
Wish I had listened to this advice when I was in school!

Check Out Some Interesting Instruments– 
Here are my recommendations for parents looking to add musical instruments
to their collection.

Check Out Some More Interesting Instruments– 
Even MORE cool instruments! Can you ever have enough?


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Resources Galore!– 
My new resource page has music therapy session ideas for children and teens and
provides information on business and clinical practice. You’ll also find songs for kids!
Where do YOU need to get unstuck?

Favorite Resource…for Writing Children’s Songs
Find out my favorite Pandora station to listen to with my little one and how it inspires me when writing original children’s songs. 

Favorite Resources for Addressing…Occupational Therapy Goals– 
Fine motor skills, sensory integration, handwriting….
we can address all of these skills in music therapy!

Favorite Resources for…AMTA Members– 
Make sure you are taking advantage of ALL that your AMTA Membership is offering you.

Favorite Resources for Addressing…Academic Concepts– 
Body parts, rhyming words, letter sounds…
we can address all of these topics in music therapy!


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The Miami Music Therapists have built a strong network.
We get together to jam, share resources and ideas, and of course…to eat!

Miami Music Therapists Unite…To Swap Songs & Resources

Miami Music Therapists Unite…at Open Mic Night

Miami Music Therapists Unite…To Jam

Miami Music Therapists Unite…for a Book Club

Miami Music Therapist Unite…Over Pizza


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Groovy Guitar Strums for Music Therapists – Part 1– 
Watch this video and you’ll learn some new guitar strums to spice up your musical skills.

Groovy Guitar Strums for Music Therapists – Part 2– 
Watch this video to learn some new finger picking patterns.

You Can Use the Clarinet for That?
How I incorporate my primary instrument in my music therapy sessions with children.

My Musical Goals– 
I want to continue to grow musically to enhance the quality of my music therapy sessions.

My Musical Goals ~ Update– 
Did I stay on track? Reach this article to find out.


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There are a multitude of organizations and locations that are interested in offering music therapy.
Are you tapping into all these resources? Read on to find the different music therapy groups
I have started:

Rockin’ & Readin’ at the Library 2015

Toddler Rock

Spotlight on…The Friendship Circle

A Brand New Music Therapy Group

Rockin’ and Readin’ at the Library

Rockin’ and Readin’ PLUS

A Smorgasbord of Services 

Spotlight on…Early Beginnings Academy


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JMT Here I Come! 
Four years in the making!
My master’s thesis is finally ready for publication in the Journal of Music Therapy.

It Takes Two 
I was recently “spotlighted” in articles in two newspapers: The Miami Herald & The Miami Hurricane.

It Takes Two…Again 
More articles highlighting music therapy: one in Directions magazine (which I wrote)
and another in Community Newspaper


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Guest Post ~ Making the Most of Your Internship 

Guest post by my past intern, Meaghan Gasch. She shares her pearls of wisdom on making the most of your internship experience.