A Brand New Music Therapy Group!

I’m SUPER excited to write this blog post! Last week, I started a brand, spanking *new* music therapy group! This group came about from talking with one of the parents whose children I work with. She works with the Down Syndrome Association of Miami and asked if I would be interested in offering a summer music therapy program to the children they serve. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I created an 8-week summer program for children with Down syndrome between the ages of 4 and 6. The program started last week and we had a great response!

There is even interest from older participants so we are in talks to create a 6-10 year old group AND a teen/young adult group!

So if you are in private practice, how does this relate to you? I would encourage you to reach out to your local Down Syndrome Assocation or similar associations and see if they are interested in offering a 6- or 8-week music therapy program.

How are they funded? Other associations may vary, but the Down Syndrome Association of Miami does numerous fundraisers to raise the money that will fund programs like ours. Also, the board is made up entirely of volunteers so that the majority of the funds raised can be passed on to the individuals benefiting from the programs.

Last year, I shared about how I created a program called Rockin’ and Readin’ at the Library. Here are more details about how to start a similar program in your area.

If you are looking to start more music therapy groups, I would encourage YOU to reach out to your community and leave a comment below letting us know what happened! You can do it!


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  • Noel

    That’s great Amy! May I ask how your music therapy camp is structured? Is it full-day/half-day? Do you only do music therapy or other activities/experiences? Do you have volunteer helpers? I had thought about starting a camp this summer, but the thought of all the components necessary was overwhelming. Thanks!

    • Amy

      Thanks Noel! This is a group that meets one time per week, it’s not actually a camp. It’s an 8-week summer session and the group is held every Monday evening. I do all music therapy activities – instrument playing, singing, movement to music with props, etc, etc. And I do have a volunteer! One of my fantastic practicum students from University of Miami is volunteering with me, which is awesome!! My advice for you would be to start small if it seems too overwhelming and just build up!


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