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Wholesome Harmonies…
A Leading Provider of Music Therapy Services in Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC & online

At Wholesome Harmonies, we believe individuals with special needs can reach their maximum potential in an environment that is engaging, creative, and fun.

Wholesome Harmonies offers a variety of services across South Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, and online: in-home individual music therapy & adapted music lessons, and group music therapy for schools and organizations. Our team of 17 board-certified music therapists specializes in working with children & teens with autism & related disabilities…and we truly LOVE what we do!

We use music and movement to engage individuals in learning; we use colorful props and visuals to inspire; we use structure to teach; we use encouragement to motivate; and we use music as our tool to enrich the development of children and teens of ALL abilities!


At Wholesome Harmonies, it is also our mission to support other music therapists in their work with children and teens. We love providing continuing education opportunities, session ideas, and resources to inspire their creativity and help elevate their clinical practice.


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About Us
About Us
Learn about our offerings and why we’re leading providers of music therapy services in Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties.
For Parents, Schools, & Organizations
For Parents, Schools, & Organizations
Learn about the many services we offer to individuals, schools, and organizations across South Florida.
For Music Therapists
For Music Therapists
Learn about the continuing education and free resources we offer to support music therapists in their clinical practice.

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Amy and her team have been a dream to work with. The evaluation and scheduling process was very informative and smooth. We’re super happy with Claire and Joshua’s experience! She’s a gem! My son looks forward to his weekly Music Therapy more than any other activity. We’ve noticed an improvement in following directions, communication and socialization. It is also very convenient that the therapist comes to our home. Highly recommend Wholesome Harmonies to any family searching for a positive/fun experience with great outcomes!

Adriana Fuster • Mother of Joshua, age 4