* Providing in-home music therapy & music lessons in Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties in FL*


Amy-Kalas-MM-MT-BCresizedAt Wholesome Harmonies, we believe individuals with special needs can reach their maximum potential in an environment that is engaging, creative, and fun. My name is Amy Kalas Buser and I am a board-certified music therapist and the director of Wholesome Harmonies, LLC.

Wholesome Harmonies offers a variety of services to those South FL, including individual and group music therapy, and adapted lessons on guitar, piano, ukulele, voice, and drum set. All of our board-certified music therapists specialize in working with children and teens with autism and other special needs…and we love what we do!

We use music and movement to engage children in learning; we use colorful props and visuals to inspire children; we use structure to teach children; we use encouragement to motivate children; and we use music as our tool to enrich the development of children and teens of ALL abilities!

Keep reading to learn more about us and the high quality services we provide…


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I firmly believe music therapy apart from ST, PT, OT and ABA gave us results… if you’re in Miami, Amy is the best. - Pilar Pitty
mother of Lukas age 8
We are very happy with Clarie and Aiden really likes his lessons. We hit the jackpot with your company. - Adilen Alfonso
mother of Aiden
Amy and her team have been a dream to work with. The evaluation and scheduling process was very informative and smooth. We’re super happy with Claire and Joshua’s experience! She’s a gem! My son looks forward to his weekly Music Therapy more than any other activity. We’ve noticed an improvement in following directions, communication and socialization. It is also very convenient that the therapist comes to our home. Highly recommend Wholesome Harmonies to any family searching for a positive/fun experience with great outcomes! - Adriana Fuster
mother of Joshua age 4
Congrats Amy!  You are so amazing and totally have impacted my son in a positive manner. Because of you, Jayden to this date, knows how to recognize the sound of the guitar, piano drums, etc. when listening to music. I am PRO-MUSIC THERAPY!!! - Sylvia Soto
mother of Jayden
The therapy with Yank’l has been going great. Daniel is really loving it and he looks forward to Tuesdays for the session. The whole day he says ‘I want teacher Yank’l!’ We are truly happy with Yank’l and the therapy. - Lisbeth Prieto
mother of Daniel


I  wanted to let you know  how much I enjoy sitting in on Claire’s music classes. I don’t always get a chance to join. She is great! I love her social and interactive songs, they get the kids thinking about different social settings. So awesome! - Breindy Dechter
Coordinator of Friendship Circle Miami Beach
Amy, I am always so impressed with all the learning and educational components you incorporate into the music therapy session. It’s great that you do different things with each group that are age appropriate. You’re wonderful with the kids and you’re so well prepared. - Nechama Harlig
Director of Friendship Circle Miami
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