Back in January I posted about My Musical Goals. I decided this is my year to step it up musically so I can enhance the quality of my music therapy sessions. Here’s my update on how things are going…

My January Goal was to Become a Ukulele Master. I found some great websites, including Ukulele Tricks (at the recommendation of the Mundana Music Therapy ladies – thanks!) I’ve added the uke to my music therapy sessions and it has been a huge hit with the kids. I even have an upcoming video where I will showcase my skills…stay tuned!

My February Goal was to Break Out of My Guitar Rut. I have always been interested in learning some jazz guitar chords and decided to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer. So, I googled “Jazz Guitar Chords” and found the Guitar Chords Magic website and Your Guide to Jazz Guitar – just what I was looking for!

My March Goal was to Add More Multicultural Songs to My Repertoire. I went to the library and checked out two great children’s books: Diez Deditos: 10 Little Fingers and Other Play Rhymes from Latin America and De Colores and Other Latin American Folk Songs. Since I work in Miami, the songs in Spanish were very appropriate for the children I work with at UCP. (And the books are colorful and fun to look at):

Next week is our annual Multicultural Day Celebration at UCP and I am so excited! I’ve been working with the children on a variety of things that they will showcase to the parents, including a salsa dance, a Spanish fingerplay song, and even a hula dance with my ukulele accompaniment!

Have YOU set any musical goals for yourself this year? If so, share them in the comments section below. Happy music making!

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