Although my private practice Wholesome Harmonies has been around since I moved to Miami in 2006, my website and blog are only 1 year old! One of the main reasons I wanted to create a website and learn how to update it is so I can show music therapy in action.

How many times have you tried to explain to someone what music therapy is by giving the “standard definition.” It’s usually met with a blank stare and follow up questions about what music therapy actually looks like. So, I decided to create a section of my website that is totally dedicated to showing music therapy in action.

To be honest, it makes me feel a little vulnerable. Okay, a lot vulnerable.

But, I decided that the reasons to share my session videos are more important than my fear of being judged. So, with that said, I invite you to visit my Music Therapy in Action page to see the videos I have posted. I hope to continue to add more and more! So without further ado…

Music Therapy in Action!

* Please take note that I have obtained full parental consent for all videos and pictures I use on my website or for any other purpose *

Time to take action! Do YOU share session videos on your website? If so, I would love to check them out – leave the link below!