Since creating my website the past summer, I have been working on adding more and more pictures and videos to my site. I have my ‘Music Therapy in Action!’ page, as well as blog posts such as “Where Did the Fish Go?” and “How Are You?” that include videos of various music therapy interventions. I feel this is important for many reasons (which I will go into later). However, at times I am shy about sharing my work. Why? I feel as if maybe people might be critiquing my musical skills or my therapeutic skills. Yep, I said it! Many music therapists out there have been working longer than I have and I feel as if there is still so much for me to learn.  Do you feel the same way as me sometimes? Do you feel shy about sharing the work you are doing?

Well, this got me thinking about why I feel it is important to share videos of the work with my clients. Here are some of the main reasons:

1 – I post my videos to share intervention ideas. We all have been to that place where we feel stuck in a rut and need a little boost in the creativity department. My hope is that someone will see a song or intervention and feel inspired to try it with their own clients!

2 – I share videos to show the successes of my clients. Sometimes I wish I could have a video camera running at all times to record the amazing things my children do during their sessions! Even something seemingly small such as grasping a mallet or saying their name can be a huge accomplishment for these children.

3 – I post my videos to share strategies. We all have clients with challenging behaviors. It might help to see strategies of how another music therapist works with a similar client. I’m thinking, for example, use of a visual schedule, assistive technology, or behavioral management strategies.

4 – I post my videos to explain what music therapy is. As we all know, sometimes it takes more than a verbal definition for people to understand the scope of music therapy. That’s why I have a page entitled “Music Therapy In ACTION!” My hope is that seeing videos of music therapy interventions will help elucidate the many uses of music therapy, as well as the many benefits.

What are your experiences with sharing your work with other professionals? Does anyone else out there feel shy about sharing?

(*Please take note that I have obtained full parental consent for all videos and pictures I use on my website or for any other purpose.)