Miami Music Therapists Unite…to Swap Songs & Resources

Saturday night was FABULOUS! A group of the Miami Music Therapists gathered at my place for a song swap/idea sharing. This group has gotten together before for a variety of reasons…to jam together, to sing at Open Mic Night, and even just to eat pizza (what could be better than that?) But I think this has been my favorite get-together thus far. And boy did this song swap live up to it’s name!

The music therapists that attended work with a variety populations – everyone from children with special needs to hospice patients, so we had a wide range of resources to draw from. We each shared songs and interventions that have been successful with our particular population of interest. We shared resources and song books that have been helpful to us in our practice. We problem solved. We even got out our guitars and worked on learning some new strum patterns and chords (D diminished anyone?)

But besides the sharing of ideas, the best part of the night was just talking and connecting with my colleagues who I can now call friends. There is nothing more important than strengthening these relationships. I now have a new group of friends I can turn to when I have questions…or if I have a contract to pass on…or if I want a conference roomie!

I would highly recommend reaching out to the music therapists in your community (if they are there!)…AMTA and CBMT can help you do so! The energy in the room Saturday night was incredible. We were all buzzing with excitement – ready to try out the new resources/songs/interventions we had learned.

Have YOU been able to connect with music therapists in your area in a similar way?



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  • Rachel Smith

    Sounds like a GREAT idea!! I think you’ve inspired me to try and cook up somethin’ like this in Austin….thanks for sharing!

    • Amy

      Great Rachel!! Let me know how it goes!

  • Michelle Erfurt

    I’m convinced that Florida is the home of many very, very cool music therapists 🙂

    • Amy

      I agree wholeheartedly. You are cordially invited to the next one!! I know it’s a bit of a drive, but…that’s a minor detail, right?


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