I’ve heard a lot of people talk about their bucket list for life. Well, I have a bucket list for music therapy! I wrote to the lovely ladies of the Music Therapy Roundtable about this idea and they took on the topic in their latest podcast – Episode 27: Music Therapy Bucket List. Here is MY bucket list for music therapy:

1 – Present at a Regional Conference

2 – Present at a National Conference

3 – Have my thesis published in the Journal of Music Therapy or Music Therapy Perspectives

4 – Create a successful, full-time private practice when we move from Miami

* I currently work full-time at United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) and run my private practice part-time, but would like to grow my business once we move to a different area!

5 – Create and publish an ebook for Internship Directors

6 – Publish the color-coded music notation system I use for hand bells, xylophone, and teaching piano –  “Playing a Rainbow”

7 – Attend SCORE workshops on marketing and business

8 – Teach an Introduction to Music Therapy class at a local commnunity college

9 – Continue to grow the Miami Music Therapist group to provide opportunities for peer supervision, sharing of resources, and support – we’re on a roll already!

I would love to get other music therapists on board! In your next blog post, share YOUR Music Therapy Bucket List and let me know. Not only should we set goals, but we should share them – this holds us accountable and also allows for encouragement from others!  What are you waiting for?