Laurie Berkner

For as long as I can remember, whenever someone’s asked for a resource when it comes to children’s music I’ve heard people recommend Laurie Berkner.

To be really honest, I never paid much attention to it.

First, because at the time I didn’t have a baby of my own. And second, because I write my own original songs to be sure they are goal-oriented and I wasn’t quite sure any children’s music out there could actually be used therapeutically.

But then, I started actually listening to her songs.

My baby is now  10 months old (wow!!) we start every morning with music. We turn on Pandora and usually it’s the Laurie Berkner station.

I have been blown away by her songs and how appropriate they are for use in music therapy with children!

Laurie Berkner’s songs target the same developmental areas we address in our sessions: communication, social skills, movement and academic concepts like body parts, letters and numbers.

Aside from that, her songs are musically SO fun and interesting and are extremely catchy (which can be a good and a bad thing!)

The Goldfish Song, Pig on Her Head, and We Are the Dinosaurs (this one is constantly stuck in my head!) are a few of my faves.

The best part? Laurie also posts the lyrics and chords to all her songs on her website so go check them out!

I know I should be choosing Laurie Berkner radio because my baby likes it, but I have to admit, I choose it because I like it too!