Wholesome Harmonies is a leading provider of music therapy services in South Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and DC.

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My name is Amy Kalas Buser and I established Wholesome Harmonies, LLC in 2006 with a mission to provide high quality music therapy services to individuals with autism and related disabilities. My team and I are dedicated to sharing our passion about music therapy.

For individuals with autism and related disabilities we offer:

  • Individual Music Therapy (in home or in school)

  • Group Music Therapy

  • Adapted Music Lessons (in home or in school)

  • Early Childhood Music Classes

For music therapists and teachers we offer:

  • Continuing Education (E-Courses)

  • E-Books & E-Resources

  • Presentations & Consultations

  • FREE Resources

Our team of 14 board-certified music therapists specializes in working with children and teens with autism and related disabilities…and we truly LOVE what we do! We provide services throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in Florida, and in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and DC.

My team and I believe individuals with special needs can reach their maximum potential in an environment that is engaging, creative, and fun. We use music and movement to engage individuals in learning; we use colorful props and visuals to inspire; we use structure to teach; we use encouragement to motivate; and we use music as our tool to enrich the development of children and teens of ALL abilities!

Here’s what makes us unique:

  • We come to your home to provide sessions. We know you’re busy driving your child to various therapies throughout the week. Our therapists can come to your home to provide one-on-one music therapy sessions or lessons for your child.
  • We offer flexible scheduling. We’re available to schedule services at any time that is convenient for you – mornings, afternoons or evenings during the weekday or weekend.
  • We are  providers for CMS Sunshine Health and the Family Empowerment Scholarship, both of which cover our services 100%. We are happy to bill for services on your behalf, and you pay nothing out of pocket. These are exciting steps that have allowed more children to have access to music therapy services and adapted music lessons!
  • Our music therapists:
    • Are all board-certified
    • Specialize in working with individuals with autism & related disabilities
    • Have advanced degrees and certifications
    • Are members of the American Music Therapy Association
    • Truly love what we do!
  • We offer virtual music therapy sessions and adapted music lessons so you can work with our highly qualified and passionate music therapists wherever you are in the world.
  • We use all original songs when working with children with special needs. This ensures our songs and interventions are specifically targeting individualized goals. Our songs are rhythmic, catchy, and upbeat. You’ll be singing along in no time!
  • We use all live music. Our therapists play a wide variety of accompaniment instruments. In our sessions you’ll hear everything from guitar to piano to viola to omnichord to clarinet! Live music ensures that we can be flexible in the moment when meeting the needs of your child.
  • We work closely with the other therapists on your child’s team. Our therapists are happy to communicate with the other clinicians working with your child to ensure an integrated team approach. We are open to co-treating and targeting shared goals to work on generalization of skills.

At Wholesome Harmonies, it is also our mission to support other music therapists in their work with children and teens. We love providing continuing education opportunities, session ideas, and resources to inspire their creativity and help elevate their clinical practice. We offer presentations, consultations, E-Books, E-Courses, and free resources on our blog.

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Our Services
Our Services
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About Music Therapy
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Music Therapy In Action
Music Therapy In Action
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“Congrats Amy!  You are so amazing and totally have impacted my son in a positive manner. Because of you, Jayden to this date, knows how to recognize the sound of the guitar, piano drums, etc. when listening to music. I am PRO-MUSIC THERAPY!!!

Silvia Soto • Mother of Jayden

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