Last night, the Miami Music Therapists had another successful get-together and also shared some DELICIOUS pizza at Anthony’s Coal Fire Grill (yes, there are actually four pizzas on the table – we’re a hungry bunch!) The group of us (plus a few more not pictured) started getting together last year when I realized – there really are a good number of us down here! We’re all working with different populations and having different experiences in our clinical work, but there are a LOT of similarities that bring us together. So, we all met at Titanic for Open Mic Night and have been getting together ever since!

Let me introduce you to the amazing and talented music therapists in this picture: (L-R)

Patricia Chaviano, MT-BC ~ Patricia was both my practicum student and intern at UCP. She is an amazingly talented jazz vocalist and was just recently hired as a full-time MT for Seasons Hospice in Miami. Congrats Patricia!

Jenny Denk, MT-BC ~ I met Jenny when she was a practicum student of mine at UCP in 2007. She was just recently hired as a full-time music therapist for West Music in Iowa! Congrats Jenny! She’s leaving Miami this weekend, but she will always be a Miami MT at heart. :)

Amber Ewers, MT-BC ~ Amber was an intern of mine at UCP in 2008. She went on to be hired as a full-time music therapist for the Adult Program at UCP and has been working there for the past year and a half.


Sarah Galvan-Rothermel, MM, MT-BC ~ I met Sarah through one of the occupational therapists at UCP. She moved here from New York last year and now works as a full-time music therapist at Cadenza Music Therapy.

So there we are!

We’ve had quite a few successful get-togethers thus far – all involving food and music, of course. :) In my next post about the Miami MTs, I’m going to share some of the things we do when we get together (besides eat!)

What are YOUR experiences with connecting with other music therapists in your area?