Have you ever sat down to plan for one of your music therapy sessions with teens and just stared at a blank piece of paper?

Have you ever walked into that session feeling anxiety because you knew that what you had planned was just not cool enough to fly?

Do you struggle with knowing what music to use in your sessions?

If you have, I can assure you that you are not alone. I’ve worked as a music therapist with teens since 2005 and I know firsthand how challenging it can sometimes be to work with this population:

  • You need to bring in interventions that are cool AND goal oriented.
  • You need to manage challenging behaviors AND still being relatable.
  • You need to find pop songs that are appropriate AND are able to be used therapeutically.

If you can relate to any of those things, then Tune In To Teens is for you!

Tune In To Teens is a comprehensive resource designed for music therapists and music teachers who work with teens with special needs and are passionate about providing sessions that truly rock. Tune In To Teens is an E-Course approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 5 continuing education credits. It’s filled with creative session planning ideas, materials and resources, and includes a course forum with personalized instructor support.

You can enroll right now and access the E-Course and all accompanying materials by clicking on the blue button below:

Amy is very knowledgeable and quite obviously loves what she does. I believe that many music therapists would benefit from her knowledge of this particular clientele and well as the push to find your own creativity again. So often we get bogged down in the day to day and just need to reconnect and get some fresh insight.– Cynthia Fahey, MT-BC

Or, watch this video and keep on reading to find all the value that’s included in Tune In To Teens:

In this course you’ll be:

  • Inspired by learning TONS of brand new intervention ideas and being prompted through creativity worksheets to create your own.
  • Encouraged by having session planning materials that are right at your fingertips: sheet music, looped hip hop beats, original song MP3s, and session videos.
  • Empowered to walk into your sessions with confidence by learning specific, actionable strategies for success when working with teens.
  • Supported by having lifetime access to a members-only course forum and access to the course instructor, Amy, for follow up questions and support.

When you walk into a session with interventions that aren’t just appropriate and goal-oriented, but are also considered “cool” by your clients, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’re more likely to engage those clients and have them successfully meet their goals.

The investment for the course is just $97 for 5 CMTE credits.

I vividly remember the first time I led a music therapy session for a group of teens with special needs.

I remember it so distinctly because I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach the entire time.

I had been up the night before searching franticly through my materials from school and internship (which were solely geared towards children) and could barely scrape together a cohesive plan. I had more than a little anxiety walking into the session the next day. I just knew what I had planned was not going to be engaging and I was terrified these teens would “boo me off the stage,” so to speak.

Fortunately that didn’t happen.

But, after that session – and all the anxiety and apprehension I felt – I vowed I would never again let that happen (to me or my clients!)

I made it my mission to create and test out all different kinds of musical experiences for teens. I would get their feedback, pay attention to their responses, and use what worked – those activities that were “cool,” engaging and successful at helping my clients meet their therapeutic goals.

My sole purpose in creating this course is to let you in on what I’ve learned over the past thirteen years of working with teens. I want to save you time and alleviate those pre-session jitters. And, I want to give you the tools you need to feel 100% confident walking into your sessions knowing that what you’ve planned is appropriate for your unique clients and has a cool factor that’s through the roof.

You in?

Check out everything that’s included in the E-Course video modules:

Course Content
In Chapter 1, ‘Let’s Get It Started In Here’, you’ll learn:

  • Three different types of music you can incorporate into your sessions that are easy to find and easy to use
  • Creative ways to determine the musical preferences of your group
  • Ten ways to quickly locate and learn pop songs

In Chapter 2, ‘Bust-A-Rhyme and Other Intervention Ideas’, you’ll learn:

  • The clinical needs of teen clients in the following areas: social/emotional, motor/physical, attention, relaxation and creativity/self-expression
  • A variety of creative and engaging interventions that target those clinical needs
  • How to create your own original interventions that are tailored to the needs and preferences of your clients

In Chapter 3, ‘Rapping It Up’, we’ll cover:

  • Six challenges you may face when working with teens and specific strategies to meet with success in those areas
  • Four of my favorite session planning resources to ensure you never run out of ideas and that you stay inspired creatively!
It is the only comprehensive resource that I have been able to find online that has specifically helped me in planning my sessions.– Ali Howshall, Music Teacher
Teaching methods

Video Demonstrations


Watch video demos so you can easily see what the interventions look and sound like in action.

GarageBand Tutorials


Learn how to create looped beats on a Mac or iPad to use during movement interventions, instrument jams & rapping.

Session Videos

Session Videos

Watch session videos so you can have a peak into what the techniques look like in action with clients.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music

You’ll receive sheet music for all original songs in the course so learning and implementing them is a breeze.

Creativity Worksheets

Creativity WorksheetsCreativity worksheets are included with each chapter to prompt you to take action by writing songs and brainstorming session ideas.



You’ll receive MP3s for all the original songs in the course PLUS a bonus rap track that you’ll learn how to use in a variety of creative ways!

Lifesaver course! I am working with high school and post-grad students for the first time. I struggled to make relevant, age-appropriate activities, and your course was the first thing I turned to. I’m having an easier time of it now and I thank you for the great information!– Julia Sullivan, MT-BC

More course highlights

  • Session Ideas GALORE! Easy-to-access, grab & go ideas organized by domain to save you time.
  • Add musical variety to your sessions by learning how to incorporate genres like bluegrass, dubstep, salsa, Celtic, classical & reggaeton.
  • Learn the “Be Flexible” Rap to teach teens how to practice flexibility when things don’t go as planned.
  • Learn brand NEW Musical Games like Musical Instrument BINGO, Musical Telephone,  Switching Genres & Musical Obstacle Course.
  • Learn my original Pop Singer Movement Combo intervention and see how you can use it to address gross motor and attention goals.
  • Watch session videos where I use the clarinet during auditory attention & perception musical experiences.
  • Learn a multisensory guided imagery & relaxation experience – it incorporates sight, sound, smell & touch (script included!)
  • Find out how to jazz up your instrument playing experiences while simultaneously addressing alternating attention.
  • BONUS #1: Pop Song Hot List with over 100 songs that are popular with teens right now (& it’s updated with all fresh new songs every six months!)
  • BONUS #2: Session Faves Checklist for Teen Groups where I share the tools that help me lead sessions where everyone feels successful. I share my favorite items, brands and location to purchase.
  • Lifetime access to the vibrant Course Forum on Facebook where we are continually sharing session ideas and new pop songs that are workin’ for us in our therapy sessions.

You’ll complete this course with a toolbox of creative and engaging interventions that target a variety of goal areas and are easily adaptable. You’ll also complete this course with specific strategies for how to find music that’s appropriate for your sessions – music that is considered “cool” by your clients and music that can be used therapeutically.

This course will provide you with all the strategies and resources you need to feel empowered when you session plan and confident when you walk into your sessions. I hope you’ll join me in the course!

I think this was the most organized and clearly presented online music therapy course I have ever taken. Thank you for so much valuable and useful information. I really appreciated the amount of specific, practical, and useful ideas.– John Kneip, MT-BC
Course details

Format: 5-hour video course | Length of Access: 3 months

Prerequisites: None | Number of CMTE Credits: 5 | Price: $97 (was $125)

Tune In To Teens is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 5 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Wholesome Harmonies, LLC, #P-152, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.

It’s easy to get started: Once you enter your payment information (via Paypal, debit card or credit card), you’ll receive an email from me that welcomes you to the course and provides you with the link to register. You’ll create a unique and secure username and password and immediately be able to access the course, download the materials and get started watching the videos!

Tech troubles? If you experience any “tech” troubles at any time, just send me an email: Amy@WHmusictherapy.com or click here to send me an email via our contact form. I’m here to help and typically respond within 24 hours to assist (usually less!)

Kind Words - Participants

“Amy is a great presenter and I would definitely take more of her online CMTE courses! I hope you keep creating more E-Books and CMTE online courses. I love all the ones you currently have available. You are great and your ideas and presentation are so creative and also easy to implement, as you do a great job of “breaking” all the interventions down. Thank you and please keep creating!”
– Michelle Nettle, MT-BC

“I liked how the course was so well-organized. I liked the thoroughness of information presented for each domain, with all of the suggestions and ideas for activities. I also liked how each area was broken down and the pertinent information included in it. Also, all of the course materials and worksheets, the “Pop Song Hot List”, information on how to access the most recent pop songs and the Garageband mini-tutorial are very much appreciated.
– Carole Thomas, MM, MT-BC

“I feel ready to conquer my sessions!”
– Michele Burns, MT-BC

Kelli Hughes is an elementary general music teacher with 35 years of experience. This year she was assigned three special ed junior high groups and felt completely overwhelmed. She said “I certainly was not prepared for the groups I received this year and had no idea where to begin. Thank you for your course and blog. They are helping me tremendously. Believe me, I wouldn’t have made it through these first three months without you! I would be floundering even more without your course. I just now feel like I’m starting to get my footing because I had no idea what expect and no idea where to start. Thank you for everything.”
– Kelli Hughes, Elementary Music Teacher

This course was one of the most organized and thorough courses that I have taken! The instructor shared valuable information, suggestions, and provided materials and resources that I will definitely use with my clients. I appreciate examples of various music experiences that address the music therapy domains as well as strategies to help with challenging situations that may occur while working with this population.”
– Stacie Proctor, MM, MT-BC

“I would recommend this course to others! I feel as though this course gave me new and exciting interventions to try with several of my teen groups that I had been struggling to come up with new interventions for. Also, I personally was struggling with how mundane those sessions felt; so this course got me excited to go to those sessions and try some new interventions. I also really struggle with using raps in my sessions. I really enjoyed the examples of the raps you provided, the tips (rapping to a theme and sentence starters) on how to get clients writing their own raps. 
– Madeline Feenstra, MT-BC

“Amy has some fantastic, age-appropriate ideas that I believe will capture the attention of teen clients.”
– Elisa Parker, MT-BC

“I really appreciated all the resources and ideas that can be adjusted to meet the needs of my particular clients. Everything was well organized and easy to understand. I would recommend that anyone working with teens who wants fresh new inspiration take this course. It has gotten my creative juices flowing and inspired me to come up with some new ideas to use with my teens.”
– Elizabeth Sands Buckmaster, Med, MT-BC

“Thank you so much for doing your CMTE class. I had been struggling with new ideas and interventions for my teen and young adult groups, and it really helped me to refocus on the goals behind the interventions, have some new ideas, and to spark my lost creativity!
– Megan Dewing, MT-BC

“I enjoyed learning various interventions for each of the domains. It was so organized, easy to follow, and I was able to apply some of the ideas in my sessions right away. I would definitely recommend this course to music therapists, especially working with teens. There’s lots of ideas and resources presented in the course that you can use in your sessions right away. Even if you don’t work with teens, you still get a lot of creative ideas that can be adapted to other population (i.e. the use of garage band, relaxation, using various genres of music etc.)
– Yuriko Urushibata, MT-BC

“Thank you for helping me make the transition from the dementia population to teens – it is a new population for me and I really was nervous. The strategies for challenges were amazing! The features of the course I enjoyed most were the practical examples and reasoning why for each example. I recommend the course to all my interns.
– Sheila Wall, MT-BC

“I loved this course. It sparked many ideas for me to include in my sessions. I would definitely recommend this course to others. It provides resources to keep therapists’ up-to-date with music that teens enjoy. The course interventions are easily adaptable for other age groups as well.”
– Brooke Heltzel, MT-BC

“Having access to download the slides and other materials was precious!”
– Recent course participant and music therapist


Who is this course designed for?

While Tune In To Teens was created for music therapists who work with teens with autism and other special needs, MANY of the ideas can be used or adapted for other populations.

We’ve also had music teachers who have individuals with autism in their classes take the course, as well as special education teachers who want to incorporate musical activities into their lesson plans. You are all most welcome here!

Kelli Hughes is an elementary general music teacher with 35 years of experience. This year she was assigned three special ed junior high groups and felt completely overwhelmed. She said “I certainly was not prepared for the groups I received this year and had no idea where to begin. Thank you for your course and blog. They are helping me tremendously. Believe me, I wouldn’t have made it through these first three months without you! I would be floundering even more without your course. I just now feel like I’m starting to get my footing because I had no idea what expect and no idea where to start. Thank you for everything.

Ali Howshall is a music teacher who recently completed the course and said “It is the only comprehensive resource that I have been able to find online that has specifically helped me in planning my sessions.

I purchased the Tuneful Teens 1 and 2 E-Books and loved them! Are the ideas in the course the same as the ideas in the E-Books?

No! All the ideas in the Tune In To Teens course are completely fresh and new and do not appear anywhere in my E-Books or on my blog. That’s why I am SO excited to share this course with you!

How is the course set up?

The course is made up of three chapters, each containing multiple video lessons. (You can watch video of a sneak peak into the course right here!) In addition to all the videos, you’ll have access to a variety of course materials to download: MP3s, sheet music, slide decks (ie. Powerpoints), lyric sheets, intervention explanations, and Creativity Worksheets. You can work through the material at your own pace and have 3 months to complete the course. You’ll also have lifetime access to the course forum on Facebook where you can share ideas and learn new song and intervention ideas.

How do I purchase online?

It’s easy. Just click on the blue button that says “Click here to enroll!” You’ll enter your payment information (via Paypal, debit card or credit card). Following that, you’ll receive an email from me that welcomes you to the course and provides you with the link to register. You’ll create a unique and secure username and password that will allow you to access the course at any time from the comfort of your home!

Can I pay with a debit or credit card?

Yes absolutely! After you click on the blue button that says “Click here to enroll!” the Paypal payment portal will open. Click near the bottom where it says “Pay with debit or credit card.”

Once I’m registered, how do I access the course?

To access the course, you’ll click on the Login button in the navigation bar of the Wholesome Harmonies website. You’ll enter your secure and individualized username and password. Once you do that you’ll be taken straight to Chapter 1 to begin watching the videos.

What happens if I have a tech issue while trying to log in to the course and watch the videos?

Fear not! If you have any questions, email me directly at Amy@WHmusictherapy.com or click here. I will typically respond within 24 hours (usually sooner!) to help resolve the issue.

How do I obtain CMTE credits?

Upon completion of the course you’ll fill out a Course Evaluation Form that gets emailed to me. Once that form is received, I’ll email your course certificate to you within one week. That certificate verifies that you have successfully completed the course for 5 continuing education credits. I also keep a copy of the certificate on hand in the event that you should need it for a CBMT audit. I also provide clear instructions for how you can log your 5 credits onto the CBMT website!

I have a question that’s not listed here.

No worries! Email me and I would be happy to answer any additional questions you have! Send an email to Amy@WHmusictherapy.com or click here.

Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with this course, you have 15 days from the purchase date to contact Amy Kalas Buser, the director of Wholesome Harmonies, LLC. Amy may be contacted via email at Amy@WHmusictherapy.com. Refund requests must be accompanied by a thorough explanation of why you are unsatisfied along with completed homework for the course (ie. completed Creativity Worksheets for each chapter). The course instructor reserves the right to approve or deny refund requests on a case-by-case basis.