I first began working as a private music therapist rather unintentionally.

I started receiving referrals through my connections at University of Miami, my alma mater. Parents would call the music therapy program director and she would pass their information on to me.

This was all fantastic, except I had no experience in business or running a private practice! Thus, everything I learned was “on the fly” so to speak.

Today I want to share with you some information that has taken me a few months to put together, and is still a work in progress: the Welcome Packet I provide to all the families with whom I work. Rather than give parents new papers each time I see them, I put the entire packet in a folder and provide it to them at the first session. This packet includes the following information:

Wholesome Harmonies, LLC flyer

My story and mini-bio
I feel this helps to personalize the treatment experience by allowing parents to get to know me. This also gives me the opportunity to briefly explain my training and credentials. (I worked hard for them!)

Client Information Form
Allow space for the parent to write: basic contact information; basic information about the child; strengths of the child; and goals for their child during music therapy.

– Attendance and Payment Policies Form
Outline the following information: day and time of sessions; fee for each session; expectations for late/missed sessions; your contact information; and paperwork that will be provided throughout the treatment process (such as Treatment Plans and Progress Reports)

Business cards
I include about five so they can pass them on to friends.

Parent Expectations
I include a list of ways that parents can help their child get the most out of music therapy. Some examples?
Make music part of your everyday routine
– Share any relevant information with me (child’s IEP, treatment plans from other therapies, etc.)
– Ask questions!
– Include siblings/friends in music therapy (I allow them to participate at half the cost of the session)

Picture/Video Release Form

– Release of Information Form

Notice of Privacy Practices

Treatment Plan

Did I leave anything out? What paperwork do YOU provide to the families you work with?