In my group and individual music therapy sessions at UCP I have the opportunity to co-treat with amazing occupational therapists. We discuss often how their occupational therapy (OT) goals and objectives can be addressed during my sessions. Because of the increasing number of children we see on the autism spectrum, sensory integration and sensory processing disorder are two main topics conversation. Here is a video that explains Sensory Processing Disorder to kids (and to us!)

Here are some of my favorite resources when it comes to designing interventions that target occupational therapy goals:





Sensory Processing Disorder website has so much good information, it’s almost overwhelming! Here are some of the highlights of the website:

Symptoms Checklist
Treatment Activities
What is Occupational Therapy Anyways?
The Latest Sensory Processing Disorder Research



Therapy Street for Kids is a user-friendly site that provides lots of creative ideas for how to incorporate OT goals into music therapy sessions. Categories include: fine motor strength, finger isolation, bilateral coordination, pre-writing skills, etc. Check it out!
 covers a myriad of topics related to children, education, and therapy. The link below is specific to goals addressed during OT:
Goals of Occupational Therapy

What are YOUR go-to sites when it comes to finding ideas for addressing OT goals in your sessions?