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Early Childhood Classes

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Early Childhood Classes

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For Babies & Young Children

We offer the following developmental programs for babies, toddlers & young children:

  • Mommy & Me Music Classes

  • Baby & Toddler Rock at the Library

  • Rockin’ & Readin’ at the Library

  • Birthday Parties

Baby Rock & Toddler Rock are developmental music classes for babies (ages 0-2) and toddlers (ages 2-4), and their caregivers. Classes are designed to provide musical experiences that enrich development.

In our sessions, we utilize developmentally appropriate songs and activities to encourage interaction between caregivers and their little ones and to work on basic developmental skills.

Little ones explore a variety of musical instruments and props such as scarves, parachute, stretchy band, and puppets. We sing songs in English and Spanish, enjoy singable stories, and move to music to work on growth in the areas of social, communication, physical, and emotional development.

In our sessions, we use both original and familiar songs so you’ll be singing along in no time! Live musical accompaniment is provided on guitar, keyboard, and omnichord, and we utilize a variety of musical styles like samba, country and rock and roll!

Rockin’ and Readin’ at the Library is a music therapy program designed for children of ALL abilities, including those with autism and related disabilities. The program was created by board-certified music therapist Amy Kalas Buser and is offered in collaboration with Miami Dade County Public Library System and Brockway Memorial Library in Florida, and Adams County Library System in Pennsylvania.

In the music therapy sessions, children will have the opportunity to participate in musical activities to work on goals that are non-musical. For example:

  • Singing an original song to the book “Head To Toe” by Eric Carle to work on expressive language skills (identifying animals) and motor skills (moving like the animal)
  • Playing rhythm instruments with stop and go cues to work on attention skills and impulse control
  • Moving rainbow colored scarves to work on academic skills (identifying colors), motor skills and direction following (“Move your scarf in a circle! Now move it side to side!”)
  • Taking turns to play the xylophone or rain stick to work on social skills and impulse control

A special focus is placed on songs and singable stories that promote literacy.

Birthday Parties – Are you looking for an enjoyable way to engage all the guests at your little one’s party?

Wholesome Harmonies can come to your child’s party and provide fun, developmentally appropriate musical experiences for all your party guests. Our board-certified music therapist will provide live, upbeat music using keyboard and guitar. Songs are rhythmic and fun, as well as easy to sing and dance to!

Each child will be actively engaged in music making throughout the session. Here are just some of the musical experiences we use:

  • Playing maracas, drums, and other rhythmic instruments
  • Singing your child’s favorite songs
  • Movement and dancing to music
  • Movement with the parachute, stretchy band, and scarves
  • Singable Stories
  • Musical games

We offer half hour, 45-minute and one-hour packages.

“Of all the programs I’ve attended at the Miami Beach Library, this was by far the best. Amy, you were fantastic. I can see your passion and how much you enjoy what you do.”

Grandmother attending Toddler Rock • Miami Beach Library

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