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Individual Music Therapy

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Individual Music Therapy

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Research-based & Goal-oriented

Music therapy is the systematic use of music and music-based interventions within a therapeutic relationship to accomplish individualized goals.

Music therapy goals are non-musical (such as ‘to increase expressive language or ‘to improve gross motor skills’) and may fall under the following domains: motor/physical, communication, social/emotional, cognitive/academic, and sensory.

Here are some examples of how music-based interventions are used to address therapeutic goals with individuals with special needs:

  • Motor/Physical: Instrument playing, movement activities, and dancing are used to improve gross and fine motor skills, increase strength and endurance, and improve balance and posture.

  • Communication: Therapeutic singing, oral motor and respiratory exercises (like kazoo playing!), and singable stories are used to improve articulation and increase verbal communication skills.

  • Social/Emotional: Instrumental improvisation, musical games, and group movement activities with props (like the parachute) are used to improve social skills.

  • Cognitive/Academic: Musical instruments are used to practice skills such as localizing and visual tracking. Music therapists also work closely with the classroom teachers and reference Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to address academic concepts (i.e. letters, numbers, colors, rhyming words, counting, etc.) in our songs.

  • Sensory: Musical instruments provide auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation.

We offer the following types of music therapy services:

  • Individual Music Therapy (in-home)

  • Group Music Therapy (for schools & organizations)

  • Co-Treatment Sessions (with ABA, ST, OT & PT)

Wholesome Harmonies accepts private pay clients and are providers for the Family Empowerment Scholarship from Step Up For Students and Sunshine Health Medicaid, both of which cover our services at 100%. We take care of billing on your behalf.

“I firmly believe music therapy apart from ST, PT, OT and ABA gave us results… if you’re in Miami, Amy is the best.”

Pilar Pitty • Mother of Lukas, Age 8

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