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Where I Hang Out To Find New Music For Teens

Good Pop Songs for Movement With Teens

How To Keep Things Age Appropriate When Working With Teens

How To Therapeutically Use Songs That Don’t Seem To Have Therapeutic Value

“Old Town Road” To Target Therapeutic Goals – Here’s how to use the uber-popular song to work on sustained and selective attention, impulse control and following directions.

Had To Have High, High Hopes – Learn why this song by Panic! At the Disco is perfect for therapeutic use in our sessions.

Incorporate This One Thing Into Your Adapted Lessons and Watch. What. Happens.

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How To Use Rap Tracks When Your Clients Have Lost Focus – See how rap tracks help organize and refocus your group, and learn how to create your own original rap tracks.

Jazz Up Your Adapted Lessons With This Technique

Halloween Rhythm Repeat {for tweens & teens} – This musical experience involves rhythm sticks, Halloween phrases and imitation. It also has multiple levels of participation for groups with clients of mixed abilities.

Stay On Top Of What’s New In Pop with a Pop Song Mini Pack – Click to find out all the details!

The Costume Rap {for tweens & teens} – Learn a simple rap to facilitate verbal & nonverbal communication skills during Halloween (MP3 available!).

Session Planning with “Stitches” – See how to use “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes therapeutically to address attention-based goals.

AMP UP Your Teen Sessions (Part 1): Best Day of My Life – See how to use the awesome song by American Authors to facilitate a meaningful song discussion.

AMP UP Your Teen Sessions (Part 2): The ABCs of Music – Learn this musical game to use as an ice breaker or warm activity at the start of a session.

AMP UP Your Teen Sessions (Part 3): Movement Combos – Read how to use hip hop and rap beats to facilitate movement experiences.

Performing Bruno Mars & Will.I.Am – See pictures from the tweens and teens of Friendship Circle Miami, performing for their families at the Morning of Talent.

Rap Lyrics That Are Going To Move You – Read the powerful rap lyrics that were written by one of my teen clients with autism.

How Do I Use Phil Phillips & Taylor Swift Songs Therapeutically With Teens? – Click to find out!

Being Brave with Your Teen Groups – Use this song by Sara Bareilles to facilitate a thought provoking song discussion.

Pop Song Searching Got You Down? Read On – Check out the resource available to help you!

Empowering Teens Through Rhythm & The Cups Song – Give teens the opportunity to feel empowered by being the group leader in this rhythm activity.

Rapping About Friendship – Here’s  simple way to incorporate positive rapping into your teen group sessions.

Rap Pack for Teens – Want to find out how to use raps therapeutically for teens with autism & other special needs? Check out the Rap Pack {E-Book + mp3s}! Click to listen to sample mp3s with looped beats for rapping.

Drumming By Number – This intervention idea works on improvisation, imitation, AND sequencing!

Shake, Rattle & Roll – An instrument jam activity for teens.

“Cause This is Thriller!” Halloween Session Ideas for Teens – Halloween musical song story with instruments AND creative movement to MJ’s Thriller. My teen group loved these interventions.

Musical Games ~Musical BINGO – This game is fun, while also working on auditory perception and listening skills.

The Empathy Song – The Mosaic Project is a beautiful project intent on spreading peace and love through music. “The Empathy Song” is fantastic tool to begin a discussion and lyric analysis on the topic of empathy.

Guess the Weather – Practice those listening and attention skills to see what weather is being sung about in each song.

Musical Games ~ Valentine’s Day BINGO – One of the most popular games with my teen groups! It can be adapted for any holiday!

Musical Games ~ Musical Hangman – Another musical game hit!

Put a Little Love in Your Heart – Valentine’s Day songwriting. Feel the love.

More LOVE-ly Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Check out this Valentine’s Day session plan that will engage your entire group.

Here’s How Tuneful Teens is Working for YOU – One Tuneful Teens reader shares the song her group wrote for Mother’s Day (the lyrics are incredible).

Here’s How Tuneful Teens is Working for You ~ 2 – One Tuneful Teens reader shares her twist on the musical quiz game in the E-Book.

St. Paddy’s Day Session Ideas – Learn how I play a game I created called ‘Irish…or Not Irish?’, find out how I facilitate ‘playing a rainbow’, and see how I incorporate “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” into this holiday-themed session.

MORE St. Paddy’s Day Session Ideas – Irish jig anyone? Play the game “Where is the leprechaun?” and end with a poem and relaxation to one of my favorite Irish tunes.

What’s the Most Versatile Instrument in My Bag? – Read this post to find out. You may want to purchase one too!