I am knee deep in wedding planning (2 months to go!) and feel like I haven’t had any time to spend on my blog!

So I’m happy to be back on with another installment of “Here’s How Tuneful Teens is Working for You.”

Last time, I shared how music therapist Jennifer Hezoucky implemented a songwriting idea from the E-Book with her group of preschoolers for Mother’s Day. Check out that post here.

Today I want to share how Tuneful Teens: Creative Ideas for Engaging Adolescents in Music Therapy is working for music therapist Brittany Harmon. Here is Brittany’s email (used with permission :) )

Thanks for this resource. I work with adults who have substance abuse problems. I’ve been using some of the games in my group sessions. It’s helped me because I wanted to spice things up a little after doing the same things for so long. We do a lot of lyric analysis, but in the evenings I try to keep it light, so what we did last week was the music trivia game and on the “daily doubles,” patients got to listen to some of the songs that address topics like addiction or stress management. Afterwards we would look at coping skills or talk about how patients related to what was going on in the song.

One of the categories I added in the game was “misheard lyrics.” I sang lyrics of popular songs that were not right, like “hit me with your pet shark” (for “hit me with your best shot”) and they had to correct it. I am the only music therapist where I work, and this book has jump-started some more creative ideas and I want to thank you again for sharing.”

Have YOU checked out Tuneful Teens? We are nearing the 175 mark of copies sold!

That’s almost 175 educators and therapists who have saved time in planning and saved time by not stressing out over ideas.

That’s almost 175 educators and therapists who have a go-to list of pop songs to use with this age group.

That’s almost 175 educators and therapists who have fresh ideas and inspiration for the new year.

Check it out for yourself here.

Do you have a story to share about how Tuneful Teens is working for you? Email me and I would be happy to spotlight you in an upcoming blog post!