Earlier this week I had one of those really great session days.

Everything flowed, my students were totally engaged, and I got great feedback from the teachers and students alike.

I had brought in some New Year’s-themed interventions, which is how I like to start each new year with my school-age and teen clients. I think it’s as important for them as it is for us to remember we’re starting off this year fresh with a clean slate. Regardless of what happened last year, we can set goals for ourselves and come up with specific steps to work towards those goals.

I began the session with a musical experience I created called the “New Year’s Wish.” It includes an original song I wrote and a discussion about each client’s wish for the new year. Their wish could be: something they’d like to learn this year, like how to play basketball; someplace they’d like to go, like Disney World; or for older clients how they’d like to feel this year.

Our discussion generated some really interesting responses. One student wants to learn to play the drum set this year, one wants to go on a cruise and one said she wants to make 2019 even better than 2018 (love that!)

The New Year’s Wish musical experience is just one of the many included in the Tune In To Teens E-Course. Participants get the sheet music and MP3 for this song (as well as all the other originals), and have the chance to see a video demonstration. All these materials are right at your fingertips, allowing you to use the intervention in your sessions right away.

Following the “New Year’s Wish” song and discussion, I facilitated an intervention using “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco (my new song obsession!)

My students LOVED it. If you want to hear how I tied this song into the new year’s-themed session plan, hop on our mailing list today. I’ll be sending out an email shortly where you can see how I used this pop song therapeutically to address clinical goals.

It is NOT easy to find songs like this, that: a) have a positive message, b) have good, clean lyrics and c) are considered “cool” by our clients. So hop on the list now so you can see how to use this song with your clients right away.

I hope you’ve had a great start to your new year and that you’ve had the chance to make some New Year’s wishes for yourself as well :)