Halloween is right around the corner!

I’ve been using The Costume Rap in my sessions this month and it’s been a hit.

I use this musical experience to work on verbal and non-verbal communication skills with my tween and teen clients.

Many of you have mentioned that it’s tough to come up with musical experiences for groups of clients with mixed abilities. The Costume Rap meets many needs in that clients can use words or a voice output device to participate. Plus, it’s a rap which will up the “cool factor!”

Now, onto another session idea I created for tweens and teens. I call it Halloween Rhythm Combos.

This musical experience involves rhythm sticks, imitation and Halloween phrases.

I’m using this musical experience to give my clients the chance to work on verbal communication, articulation, attention, impulse control, and motor skills. It works well with a group or in an individual session. AND, it has multiple levels of participation, so if you have groups with clients of mixed abilities it will be perfect for you.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

Click here to grab a PDF of how to facilitate the Halloween Rhythm Combos musical experience and put it into practice this week: