Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Today I am at work at UCP when most other people seem to have off, but it is A-Okay because I absolutely love my job. I’ll be home by 6:45pm tonight after seeing private clients and will be ready to start preparing some side dishes for tomorrow!

Today I want to share a super successful intervention that I used with my preteen and teen groups last weekend.

If you have the Tuneful Teens E-Book, you know that I LOVE using musical games with this age group. It is a fantastic way to get clients excited about the activity and a great way to ‘sneak in’ working on other skills (like group cohesion, communication, auditory perception skills, listening, etc, etc.)

When brainstorming ideas with those goals in mind, I decided to put a twist on your regular ol’ BINGO and turn it into musical BINGO.

Keeping in mind the goals of refining auditory perception skills and listening skills, I decided discriminating instrument sounds would be the way to go. I do these types of activities often with my preschool children (I hide instruments behind a board so the children can’t see; they must guess the instrument based on the sound). I also wrote about another auditory perception training activity here.

For MUSIC Bingo, I created the board above using pictures from clip art and West Music. Since I didn’t have enough instruments to fill up the board with pictures, I doubled up and added the instrument name in print. The rules of the game were to listen for the instrument sound (the instrument was hidden behind a large board) and place a marker on either that instrument picture OR name. The first one to fill an entire row down, across, or diagonal “won.”

Both the preteen and the teen groups loved the activity and didn’t want to stop playing!

Earlier this year, I shared my Music BINGO template for Valentine’s BINGO. What other kinds of musical BINGO games do YOU play? Leave a comment below and let us know!


If you’d like even MORE creative session ideas to incorporate into your teen music therapy sessions, you need to check out Tuneful Teens 2! It is chock full of session ideas and resources to get your creative juices flowing. Check it out here:

Tuneful Teens 2 - drop shadow