One of my main goals here at Wholesome Harmonies is to connect with and support other like-minded professionals. In particular, music therapists, music teachers and special ed teachers who work with tween and teen clients.

The #1 thing I hear from y’all when you reach out to me (which I LOVE!) is that you enjoy the work you do, but you feel stuck in finding popular music.

I hear you loud and clear, because I used to feel that same frustration.

I’m an organized kinda person, so here’s how I look at the pop-song investigation process. There are two main steps:

  1. Find the music
  2. Find out how to use the music therapeutically

Step 1: Find the music – This involves a significant amount of time researching popular music (I share exactly how I do that in this course), reviewing the lyrics, watching the music video on YouTube, and Googling the meaning (yup, I do that!).

Step 2: Find out how to use the music therapeutically – Once you have a song picked out, now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to use that song to address therapeutic goals (not the easiest task in the world I’ve come to find out).

I’ve been through this process numerous times since I started working with tween and teens clients (13 years ago!!) Since I get asked questions about how to find and use pop songs so often, I decided to create a new resource that addresses these questions.

The new resource is a collection called Pop Song Mini-Packs.  (Those of you on my mailing list are already familiar with what I’m talking about!)

I designed Pop Song Mini-Packs to help you stay on top of what’s new in pop.

Each mini-pack includes songs from that year. You’ll learn how to use those songs therapeutically to address clinical goals.

Did you ever think you could use a Justin Timberlake song to work on alternating attention? Or a Camila Cabello song to work on stimulating speech production? How about an Ariana Grande song to work on motor skills?

It is totally possible.

I’ll show you multiple creative ways that you can use current pop songs to target therapeutic goals. 

The ideas are organized by domain. You’ll see the goal that’s being addressed, clear examples, and instructions for implementation. You’ll also see how to insert YOUR clients’ preferred music into these musical experiences to make them totally customized and appropriate for your unique clients.

Go ahead and check out the 2018 Pop Song Mini-Pack HERE.

By the way, are you going to be at the National Conference in Dallas next month?! If you are PLEASE email me to let me know ( and stop me if you see me there to say hello!!