One of the primary things I keep top of mind, when planning my sessions for teens, is age appropriateness.

It’s top of mind for me because I understand how tricky planning age appropriate experiences can sometimes be, and it’s something I get emails from other music therapists about all the time.

We may work with a client whose developmental age doesn’t match up with their chronological age.

We may work with a student who doesn’t use words to communicate.

Even if this is the case, it is our job to ensure everything we bring in – from the music to the musical experiences – is age appropriate.

Here is one of my favorite ways to do this:

Since many of the students I work with enjoy hip hop and rap music, I do a YouTube search to pull up some cool beats.

For example, last week I searched: “hip hop rap beat 2022” and “Drake beat” (since he’s a crowd favorite).

Then, I use these as back beats for musical experiences where I might have accompanied myself with guitar or piano, had I been working with younger students.

I’ve used these beats for movement experiences, instrument playing, and of course for rap writing experiences where my clients are creating their own raps.

Adding beats instantly ups the cool factor to any musical experience, even if a song has simple lyrics.

Would it be helpful for you to learn more tips and creative ideas like this?

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More on that here:

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