A Camping We Will Go…With Our Senses – Marshmallows used for olfactory stimulation and lantern lights to work on visual tracking? Those are just a few of the sensory-based ideas that are part of this camping-themed session plan.

Music Therapy + Cognition – Watch this video to see a demonstration of Musical Sensory Orientation Training (MSOT). I’ll be using my clarinet to work on localization skills.

Sense-ational Ideas for Your Music Therapy Sessions – Be inspired with some fresh sensory ideas!

Beautiful Colors – Listen to this original song used to facilitate visual tracking goals for clients with severe & profound intellectual disability. {Sheet music + mp3 available!}

So Many Scents – Ideas for incorporating scents into your music therapy sessions to provide olfactory stimulation.

Springtime Sounds – Instruments that sound like animals can be used to provide auditory stimulation and prompt localization.

Roll the Cabasa – The cabasa is a unique instrument that provides auditory and tactile stimulation.

Wind, Wind – An original song to facilitate tactile stimulation using scarves. Have a listen!

Sensational Ideas for Working with Children with Autism (Part 1) – Watch video to see how I use the therapy ball during my session to provide proprioceptive and vestibular input.

Sensational Ideas for Working with Children with Autism (Part 2) – Watch video to see how I incorporate the book “Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” and paint brushes into music therapy to provide tactile stimulation.

Sensational Ideas for Working with Children with Autism (Part 3) – See how I use the gathering drum to provide vestibular input – this video might make you dizzy!

Sensational Ideas for Working with Children with Autism (Part 4) – This video shows how I use the trampoline to provide proprioceptive input to children with autism during my sessions.

Halloween is Coming…Are You Ready for Some Sensory Ideas?  – Flying ghosts, light up lanterns & pumpkins with cobwebs…read this post to see how I incorporate these items into my sensory-based Halloween sessions.

I Like to Go to the Beach ~  A Multisensory Experience – Mangoes to provide olfactory and gustatory stimulation? Sun tan lotion to provide tactile and olfactory stimulation? Yes please! Find out how music ties it all together.

A “Sensational” Holiday Session Plan – Check out this resource where you’ll find a holiday music therapy session that will provide you with creative, developmentally appropriate ideas that incorporate all five senses. You’ll see how I incorporate pine branches, mittens, jingle bells, Christmas lights, ice packs, and apple cinnamon scents into this session (and much more!)

The Sights & Smells of Fall – Get a list of Fall sensory experiences that stimulate the nose and ears.