Sensory Integration 1

I can pinpoint when a major shift in my music therapy practice took place.

It was when I began co-treating with some amazing occupational therapists at UCP’s Early Beginnings Academy. Through these co-treatment sessions, I became fascinated by sensory integration, how it relates to my clients with autism and how it can be incorporated into my music therapy sessions.

I have noticed a profound difference in the level of engagement in my clients with autism when I incorporate sensory integration techniques into my music therapy sessions.

I’ve tried out many different techniques and decided to put together a summer series on music therapy + sensory integration.

Click here to read the first post in this series.

(It’s a guest post for my friend and colleague Rachel Rambach over at Listen and Learn Music!)

You can find the rest of the series right here at the Wholesome Harmonies blog. Be sure to hop on the list so you won’t miss them! Videos will be included to demonstrate all the techniques.

How’s that for a sensational summer treat?

Check out the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book for more sensory ideas, sheet music, & themed session plans.