Auditory Stimulation

In honor of the beginning of Spring (although it always feels like Spring in Miami!) I’m continuing my series on Sense-ational Activities. Sense-ational activities are those that target the five senses. I’ve shared activities that provide olfactory stimulationtactile stimulation, and multisensory stimulation.

Today’s post will focus on an activity I use to provide auditory stimulation. I know what you’re thinking. Of course, music therapists provide auditory stimulation throughout their sessions, but this activity is targeted to specifically work on localization. Localization is a basic developmental skill in which an individual turns their head towards a sound source.

For this activity, I sing my original “Springtime Sounds” song and use various instruments to mimic the sounds of things you see and hear during Springtime. Examples include –

Canary stick –> Chirping bird
Wind chimes –> Blowing wind
Rain stick –> Falling rain (bonus: use a water bottle to spritz like falling rain for tactile stimulation!)
Kazoo –> Buzzing bees
Frog rasp –> Croaking frog
Quacker –> Ducks quacking

Play each instrument in various places around the individual (i.e. on the right side of their head, on the left side of their head, above their head, etc.) to encourage localization.

What ideas do YOU have for providing auditory stimulation and to work on localization? Share in the comments section below!

For more sensory ideas, sheet music, & themed session plans, check out the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book:

Sensational Songs & Activities