Sing Your Heart Out: Beautiful Colors

Visual Stimulation

Today’s song will continue my series on Sense-ational Activitiesthose that target the five senses. 

I use this song when I am facilitating visual tracking goals and providing visual stimulation to my clients with severe and profound intellectual disability.

Initially, I used this song in UCP’s sensory room, which has a tube with water and bubbles that light up with different colors (very cool if you ask me!) Now I also use this song along with props like multi-colored scarves, the parachute, ribbons…even Christmas lights!

Have a listen…

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Comments (4)

  • Denise Travis

    As I’m sitting here planning a social skills group for elementary students with ASD, I’m automatically thinking about using this original verse for the base of an I Spy game, and then adding on verses like “Wonderful friends all around you” and having the students take turns in between verses to comment on something they notice about another person in the group. Thanks for helping to percolate a few new ideas. Beautiful song by the way.

    • Amy

      Hi Denise! I love that idea! I do piggyback versions of my songs (and other music therapy songs I know) ALL the time. I’m so glad this helped percolate some new ideas ~ that is my ultimate goal! 🙂



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