Sense-ational Activities ~ “So Many Scents”

Olfactory Stimulation

At UCP’s Early Beginnings Academy, I work with many children who have a diagnosis of severe and profound intellectual disability. For these children, stimulation of the five senses is very important. In my previous Sense-ational Activity post, I shared a song and activity about providing tactile stimulation.

Here is a song I wrote called “So Many Scents.” It goes along with an activity where I use a variety of scents to provide olfactory stimulation for the children.

Here are some examples of scents I have used (depending on the season)…

– peach candle
– flowery room spray
– mangoes
– mango passionfruit shave gel

– cinnamon
– oranges
– apple hand soap
– vanilla hand lotion
– apple cinnamon candle
– coffee beans
– tea bags

The sky is the limit!

Would you like to use this song in your sessions?

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Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Comments (5)

  • Stephanie Bolton

    I’d suggest cranberries and pumpkin for other fall scents, and peppermint and pine would go well with winter. I’ve used pineapple and coconut for summer, too. So many great scents!! Thanks for sharing your post!

    • Amy

      Awesome Stephanie – thanks for those suggestions!

    • Carolyn Dachinger

      I also used coconut and pineapple scents with my kiddos during the summer. I actually found AWESOME body lotions in these scents at the dollar store — I have found that a lot of scented products at the dollar store smell awful and fake, but these were very true-to-life. And for summer, I’ve also used sunscreen as a scent…because, hey, what’s more summer than a little coppertone?

      • Amy

        Hi Carolyn!
        Great suggestions! I do a Beach themed activity in the summer and I use sunscreen as well – one of my FAVORITE scents! 🙂



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