Sensory-based interventions are some of my favorite to incorporate into my music therapy sessions.

Many of the children I work with who have special needs are also sensory-based learners. This means they learn about their world through their senses – sight, touch, hearing, even taste!

Here is an original song I wrote to use in my sensory sessions called “Wind, Wind.”

During this song, I use scarves and pretend they are blowing in the breeze on various body parts.

In the song, you’ll hear the line “Wind, wind, blowing on our arms” for example. In this way, the children are not only experiencing tactile stimulation on their arms, they are hearing the word “arm” and associating that with the movement on their arm.

For older children or those who are higher functioning cognitively, you can ask them to move the scarf to the body part they hear in the song.

I find this song very relaxing and a nice way to end my sessions.

Click below if you’d like to purchase the sheet music and use this song in your sessions! Sheet music is $1:

Sheet Music & Download

If you are looking for even more ways to incorporate sensory-based activities and interventions into your sessions, check out my E-Book: Sensational Songs & Activities: Sensory-Based Ideas for Music Therapy.

Sensational Songs & Activities