Sensory sessions based on a theme are my absolute fave. Right now, it’s all about Fall ya’ll.

Although it never truly feels like Fall here in Miami (high today of 83!) I still try to get into the spirit of the season in my sessions. Using Fall and all the goodness that goes along with it as a framework for coming up with musical experiences helps get my creative juices flowing.

Here are some of the sensory experiences I’m using in my sessions this month:

  • Fall scented candles: Apple cinnamon, pumpkin pie and pecan…mmmmm!
  • Pumpkins and gourds: Bumpy ones, smooth ones, short ones, tall ones. You name it, I’ve got it.
  • Leaves: Feel the crunchy leaves and smooth ones, and look at the variety of bright colors.
  • Cinnamon  broom: Smell the cinnamon scent and feel the prickly bristles.
  • Turkey gobbler: Work on auditory perception skills and localization by playing the gobbler in various locations around the room.

I’ve also brought these items into my elementary classes that don’t necessarily have sensory goals. We’ve used these items to work on expressive communication – using a complete sentence with adjectives to describe what they’re seeing, hearing and smelling. These experiences are also a great way to work on expanding their vocabulary as they describe various Fall items.

I LOVE Fall and will continue to bring as much of ‘it’ into my sessions as I can each year!