Sensational Songs & Activities

Life has been pretty darn exciting lately!

Wholesome Harmonies is offering a number of summer music therapy groups including: Kids Rock and children and tween music therapy groups through the Down Syndrome Association of Miami.

At UCP, we are in full presentation-preparation mode: the debut of our musical Little Red Riding Hood happens next week! Also, I am busy preparing the two UCP preschools for their graduation performances: a musical rendition of the book “Caps for Sale!” Whew!

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of requests for music therapy intervention ideas for clients with severe and profound intellectual disability. With these individuals, I like to take a sensory approach to my activity planning. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

Last year, I created a resource called Sensational Songs & Activities: Sensory-Based Ideas for Music Therapy. This E-Book is designed to make your life easier and jump start your creativity when it comes to session planning for sensory-based learners.

This E-Book is appropriate for music therapists who work with individuals with developmental delays, those with severe and profound intellectual disability, and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have also received great feedback on how these ideas when been used with older adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia! The ideas can be adapted to fit the population you’re working with.

Want to find out more? Click here to read a complete description of what you’ll find inside the e-pages of Sensational Songs & Activities!

Here’s what others are saying about this E-Book:

The most useful part {of the E-Book} was the six themed session ideas.  I provide MT groups one time per week for a school based special needs population and I used the “Fun in the Sun” and “Trip to the Farm” already this year. I love the concept of using all of the senses and the kids loved the variety. {This E-Book} has helped by saving planning time with a theme already to go. It has also helped inspire my own themes such as “Fall Hayride” using the senses. I was surprised at how much the kids loved the bubbles!  They also enjoy tasting different foods within the session, which I had not tried before.”
– Amy Pearson, MT-BC // State of the Heart

“{The most useful parts of Sensational Songs & Activities} were the themed session plans and the multi-sensory combination. I found this E-Book useful…to add more ideas to the pot of complete sensory stimulation ideas. I don’t often use olfactory (smell) in therapy sessions, but this E-Book encouraged me to look beyond what is traditional multi-sensory stimulation (auditory, tactile, visual) and add even smell into the equation.”
– Kristin Veteto, MT-BC // KNV Music Therapy

“I purchased your sensory book and love using it with a patient of mine who has brain trauma due to seizures. I love it and appreciate your work.”
– Tiffanie Hingle, MT-BC

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