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One question I'm asked more than any other is this: "What music should I use with my teen clients and students?" I get it, because it stumps me sometimes, too. First, it's hard to find songs that are: a) appropriate (lyrics and content-wise), b) able to be used therapeutically, and c) considered cool by your [...]

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(TUNE IN TO TEENS SPOTLIGHT} Motor Skills & Rap Tracks


We are movin' and groovin' right along into Week 3 of the Tune In To Teens spotlight series, where I give you a little peek into the E-Course. So far, we've spotlighted two features of Tune In To Teens - you'll learn how to organize ALL those music therapy materials and learn the Be Flexible Rap [...]

(TUNE IN TO TEENS SPOTLIGHT} Motor Skills & Rap Tracks2020-02-18T17:54:38+00:00

{TUNE IN TO TEENS SPOTLIGHT} Be Flexible Rap & Other Social Skills Interventions


On Sundays I provide group music therapy services at Friendship Circle Miami. It's an amazing program, where neurotypical teens are paired with teens with autism and other special needs. Together, they participate in music therapy and recreational programs like sports, karate, cooking, art, and yoga. At the heart of the Friendship Circle program is the [...]

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{TUNE IN TO TEENS SPOTLIGHT} Organizing Your Music Therapy Materials


I'm a paper planner person. Through and through. I love to color code, write notes, and keep everything neat and organized on a calendar that I can spread out in front of me and see as a whole. The same goes for reading. I don't use a Kindle - I love the smell and feel [...]

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Rockin’ & Readin’ At The Library


In addition to the music therapy services and adapted lessons we offer to children and teens with special needs, there's another side of my business that I love: our developmental music classes. We've been working together with the Miami-Dade Public Library System since 2010 to offer these early childhood music classes at library branches throughout [...]

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High Hopes For The New Year


Last week I wrote a post that generated a lot of supportive comments. The post was about the new year and how I don't have any new, concrete goals for my business. I decided to take the pressure off myself to achieve more in my business and instead focus on being present as a mother [...]

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A New Year And No Goals


Happy 2020! The new year is upon us and it's time for a fresh start. I've enjoyed looking back at my past new year's posts and remembering the accomplishments of those years. But this year, to be honest, I didn't accomplish as much in my business as I had hoped. My two girls are young [...]

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Hand Bells For The Holidays


Christmas is right around the corner (do you even need me to tell you that?) and our holiday sessions are in full swing! We're jingling bells, ho-ho-ho-ing on the kazoo, and playing Holiday Musical Pictionary. I recently started working at a preschool in Miami, where I provide music therapy for the 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old [...]

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Why Attending Conference is Critical


Two weeks ago I flew from the palm tree-lined streets of Miami to frigid, snowy Minneapolis for the National Music Therapy Conference. Although the temperature change was a bit of a shock, even for me who grew up in Pennsylvania (and has lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey), I am so glad I went. [...]

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Add This To Your Session If You Finish Too Soon


Tell me if you can relate to this scenario: You're in a music therapy session with your tween or teen clients. Everything's been going great. You finish your last musical experience, look at the clock, and realize you still have ten minutes until the end of the session. Yikes! Have you been there too? Have [...]

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