The temperature is dropping here in Pennsylvania, Thanksgiving is behind us, and I am ready to bust out ALL the winter musical experiences in my sessions.

I’m thinking creative movement, freeze dancing (of course), and creative listening to winter-themed classical music.

If you’re feeling inspired by the drop in temperature too, but need a little session planning boost, check out Elevate.

Elevate is an email idea subscription designed to help you infuse creativity and fun into your music therapy sessions with middle and high school students with autism and related disabilities.

It’s pre-approved by CBMT for 7-14 continuing education credits, depending on the package you choose.

There is a Teen Package, an Attention / Perception Package, a Combo Pack with both those packages (it’s the most popular right now!), and a brand new package for Holidays & Themes.

Subscribers who signed up for the Holidays & Themes Package are receiving a Winter Themed bundle of session ideas today, December 1st. (And you can too by clicking here!)

I had a blast putting this bundle together.

All the ideas are winter themed.

All the ideas are goal-oriented.

All the ideas are age-appropriate for middle and high school students.

And, all the ideas are fun, engaging, and COOL for this age group.

I’m telling you, I had a classroom full of middle school boys dancing like ballerinas to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

And, a group of 10 after school programs zooming in with me for virtual music therapy all engaging in a winter musical mad lib.

If you need a little creative boost, check out all the packages, especially the Holidays & Themes Package.