The Tune In To Teens and Attention & Perception E-Courses will soon be going on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

It makes me a little sad to say that.

These have been passion projects for me – putting my knowledge and passion about music therapy with tweens and teens into these E-Courses, hearing your positive feedback and stories of success, has been a joy.

As a continuing education provider for the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT), I pay to be a provider, and for each and every course offering so the credits will be pre-approved.

Since I’ll be putting my energy into new projects, like expanding the Elevate Email Idea Subscription, I’ve decided to no longer offer the Tune In To Teens and The Attention & Perception E-Courses.

BUT before I pull them, I’m going to offer them one last time at a discounted rate and with added bonus material, this week, January 15 – 19th.

Don’t worry! When you enroll, you’ll still have the full 3 or 6 months to complete the courses (depending on which package you choose), but the opportunity to purchase will end after Friday, January 19th (let me know if you have any questions on that!)


if you’ve been on the fence about taking one of these courses,

if you need some pre-approved CMTEs (I’m talking 5-15 credits),

or if you need some cool and creative ideas for working with tweens and teens,

Now is the time to enroll.

Tune In To Teens is a resource designed for music therapists and other professionals who work with teens w/ autism and related disabilities, and are passionate about providing sessions that truly rock (think engaging AND cool).

The Basic Package includes the E-Course with video modules & demonstrations, session videos, GarageBand tutorials, sheet music, MP3s, and creativity worksheets.

Add on packages for additional CMTE credits include an article review in the Advanced Package, and email ideas and support in the Pro Package, all designed to set you up for success in your sessions with teens.

You can check out everything that’s included in Tune In To Teens and enroll here.

The Attention & Perception E-Course was created for music therapists and other professionals who want to deepen their understanding of attention & perception, and use that knowledge to create engaging, effective, and FUN musical experiences to target those processes.

The Basic Package includes the E-Course with more than 30 video demonstrations, so you can see what the techniques look like in actual music therapy sessions.

Add on packages for additional CMTE credits include an article review in the Advanced Package, and email ideas and support in the Pro Package.

Check out everything that’s included in the Attention course and enroll here.

PLUS, in addition to getting a discounted rate and 5-15 pre-approved continuing ed credits, when you enroll in either course this week, you’ll receive The Ultimate (I mean it!) Pop Song Bonus.

In this 12-page bonus, you’ll learn how to use songs by Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Jason Aldean, and so many others to address a variety of therapeutic goals.

I’m telling you, this bonus material is just SO GOOD!

Julia Sullivan, MT-BC calls Tune In To Teens a “lifesaver course!” She says “I am working with high school and post-grad students for the first time. I struggled to make relevant, age-appropriate activities, and your course was the first thing I turned to. I’m having an easier time now and I thank you for the great information!

And, after taking The Attention & Perception course, Sarah Jarvis, a Music Therapy Intern, said: “Would I recommend the course to others? Oh, absolutely. Your voice is easy to listen to, your videos are excellently edited, and your material is succinct and straightforward. The edited videos of client interventions seamlessly fit into the instruction videos. It made it so easy to mentally jump from what a therapist can do to use this information and these techniques. Thank you for making it a fun learning experience!”

Can’t wait to see you over in the courses!