Last week, I posted about the Music Therapy in ACTION page, and how music therapists can use it to get new ideas and watch videos to see what different techniques look like when implemented.

In that post, I highlighted the sections on the Cognitive, Sensory & Motor/Physical domains.

But there’s more!

On the Music Therapy in Action page, you can also check out examples in the following areas (click on each picture below):You’ll watch a video demonstrating:

  • Modified Rhythmic Speech Cueing to work on increasing expressive language and speaking in complete sentences

In this section, you’ll watch videos demonstrating:

  • A feelings song to increase awareness of emotions in self and others
  • A friendship piggyback song to a popular Jack Johnson tune, with lyrics re-written by my students
  • Three original songs created for middle and high school students to work on self regulation

Here you’ll watch a video demonstrating:

  • An adapted music lesson using color coded notation, and learn about the multitude of benefits (some of which are surprising!) that come from taking music lessons

There’s plenty more to see on the Music Therapy in Action Page, so be sure to check it out and let me know which techniques you’ll be implementing this week!