“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

50% off ALL E-Books, now through March 31st.

If you need creative inspiration or new ideas (especially for tweens and teens), I encourage you to take advantage of this sale.

Some E-Books, like the Pop Song Mini Pack, are just $6!

Check out:

Tuneful Teens 1 and Tuneful Teens 2 (which were just updated), Sensational Songs & Activities, and The Rap Pack For Teens (with 12 looped hip hop beats included).

All are available for half off the usual price.

You can even grab the POWER PACK, which has all the E-Books listed above in one, discounted bundle.

The Virtual Music Therapy Session Planning Packs for Spring & Summer have been flying off the E-Shelves (both also 50% off):

In these E-Books, you’ll learn creative musical experiences that are effective in teletherapy and easily customized for in-person sessions.

You’ll learn: musical game ideas, instrument activities, and creative movement experiences; how to use listening guides; and some brand new ideas that were created just for virtual sessions.

Along with the E-Book, you’ll get: visuals, picture cards, a musical game template, sample listening guide, and sample mini musical bio, as well as a looped hip hop beat MP3.

It’s everything you need to implement the ideas in your virtual sessions right away!

There is so much great content packed into these E-Resources that I rarely discount them (only once per year).

Have fun browsing the E-Aisles for resources that’ll boost your creativity and elevate the quality of service you’re providing.