Virtual Music Therapy Session Planning Combo Pack

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This Combo Pack features the Spring & Summer Virtual Music Therapy Session Planning Packs.

In these E-Books, you’ll learn creative musical experiences that are effective in teletherapy and easily customized for your school-aged and teen clients.

You’ll learn: musical game ideas, instrument activities, and creative movement experiences; ideas for singing and song discussion, creative movement, and songwriting; how to use listening guides and facilitate Musical I Spy and Finish the Phrase; and how to use mini raps to engage and connect with your teen clients across the computer screen.

Plus, you’ll learn brand new ideas that I created just for my virtual sessions that have been a hit with my clients!

Along with the E-Books, you’ll get: beautiful visuals, colorful picture cards, mini musical bios, and lyric sheets that can be shown using screen share. You’ll also get: musical game templates, sample listening guides, a songwriting template, and looped hip hop beat MP3s. It’s everything you need to implement the ideas in your virtual sessions right away!

Nell Miller, MT-BC calls the E-Books  “creative and wonderful.

Ashley Lewis, MM, MT-BC says “I of course love your resources and I think you are brilliant. Your visuals are the best I’ve ever seen! I’m a huge fan of yours and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next because I will be buying it.”

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