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Tuneful Teens is filled with intervention ideas, song ideas, sheet music, and templates for a variety of activities and musical games that are appropriate and engaging for teens with special needs. The Tuneful Teens E-Book series has sold over 2,500 copies and is updated every six months with all fresh, hot, NEW pop songs!

“Amy provides everything you need — step by step procedures, templates, sheet music, etc. — to implement the interventions in your music therapy sessions. I highly recommend Amy’s book.”
– Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC


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*The Tuneful Teens E-Book series has sold over 2,500 copies and is updated every 6 months with all FRESH, HOT, NEW pop songs!*

Are you stuck for ideas when it comes to planning music therapy activities for your teen populations?

Are you lost when it comes to pop music and knowing what songs are appropriate for this population?

Do you work with teens with autism and struggle to find ways to engage them in social interaction?

Do you work with teens that are “too cool for school” when it comes to music therapy?

Do you have limited time to create new templates for your activities and musical games?

I have, at some point in my career, answered YES to each and every question listed above. However, after twelve years of experience working with teens with various special needs, I have a storehouse full of ideas that I cannot WAIT to share with you!

So, I created an E-Book called Tuneful Teens: Creative Ideas for Engaging Adolescents in Music Therapy.

If you follow the Musical Games series on my blog, Wholesome Harmonies, you have seen a small preview of the ideas I will be sharing in the Tuneful Teens E-Book. But there is SO MUCH MORE! Tuneful Teens is chock full of intervention ideas, song ideas, sheet music, and templates for a variety of activities that are appropriate and engaging for teens. I am SO excited to share my ideas and most successful interventions with you.

Tuneful Teens is your guide to navigating the world of music therapy with adolescents, and it’s only $18!Don’t need any more convincing?

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(Or keep reading to find out more about my story and the goodies in Tuneful Teens).

Want to find out more?

My first experience working as a music therapist with teens came when I started my internship at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center in New Jersey. I was terrified. My ‘comfort zone’ had always been with children. I had no idea how to approach the world of pop music and age-appropriate activities for individuals who functioned at a different level than their chronological age.

However, after jumping in, I have now gained twelve years of experience working with teens with various special needs and I have a storehouse full of ideas that I cannot WAIT to share with you! I currently provide group music therapy for the Friendship Circle of Miami, program for teens with autism and other special needs. This group has helped me generate some of my most successful ideas and has served as a “testing ground” for my new ones.

I am SO excited to share my ideas and most successful interventions with you in Tuneful Teens. The ideas in the E-Book are grouped into the following categories:

– Musical Games –> Learn how I implement my Musical Quiz Game, Musical Hangman, Guess Who, and MORE musical games. Plus gain access to the template for each one – no extra prep work needed!

– Instrument Jams –> Find out how I facilitate jam sessions and use instruments to work on Auditory Perception Training (APT). You’ll also have access to sheet music for my Halloween Song Story…you DON’T want to miss this!

– Social Skills –> Learn how to musically engage teens in dialogue and action about social skills…template included!

– Songwriting –> Find out which popular songs are most successful in facilitating adapted songwriting.

– Move and Groove –> See how I use movement activities to target Auditory Perception Training (APT)…sheet music is included!

– Relaxation –> Read my guided imagery script and learn how I take the teens on a relaxing musical journey to the ocean.

AND THAT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING – I share many more ideas, tips, and strategies in the 40 pages of Tuneful Teens.

Each category lists specific intervention ideas, complete with goal areas, what you will need to prepare in advance, steps of the procedure, AND the template or sheet music (where applicable) for use in your own sessions right away! No extra prep time needed.

BONUS…I’ve included a Pop Song Hot List with 100 of the freshest, hottest songs (updated every six months!) AND I’ve included my Teen Music Survey that I give to each teen group I work with to determine their musical preferences. You do NOT want to miss out on this!

My hope is that this E-Book will not only provide you with creative ideas, but will also help YOU generate your own ideas to engage teens during music therapy. Don’t work with teens? No problem – the activity ideas in Tuneful Teens can easily be adapted for children and adult populations.

The best part? You can have all this – over 40 pages of creative ideas, sheet music, and activity templates – all for only $18!

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Here’s what others are saying about Tuneful Teens…the E-Book series has sold over 2,500 copies!

“When I first started out as a new music therapist, the population that intimidated me the most was the tween and teen crowd. That’s why I was so excited when my friend and fellow music therapist Amy Kalas Buser launched her E-Book, Tuneful Teens. Amy provides everything you need — step by step procedures, templates, sheet music, etc. — to implement the interventions in your music therapy sessions. I highly recommend Amy’s book, and also want to give her a shout-out for celebrating the first year of her wonderful blog, Wholesome Harmonies. It has grown leaps and bounds since last year, and I’m excited to watch it continue to do so!
– Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC

I REALLY enjoyed the Tuneful Teens book and am so glad I got it.  It gave me a bunch of wonderful ideas for my individual and my group sessions!  The things I’ve used the most so far since I purchased the book are the  Auditory Perception Training (APT) exercises as well as the movement APT exercises.  I’ve made Music Bingo sheets before, but for older adults with aphasia – I’ve never thought of making them for kids before, what a great  idea! … Keep the good stuff comin’!”
– Stephanie Scheffel, MM, MT-BC

“My favorite interventions were the instrument jams such as the call-and-response.  These can be used with a group or with individuals.  I have all individual clients so I feel I can use this intervention with them.  I liked it when you also put in some song ideas because I am always looking for more!
– Ashley Lundquist, MT-BC

“Amy Kalas Buser, MM, MT-BC has some great ideas in her E-Book Tuneful Teens: Creative Ideas for Engaging Adolescents in Music Therapy. I just got it and have used it several times – my group really likes Musical Hangman right now. Very big hit! Great ideas with a sometimes tough population.”
– Jessica Edwards, MT-BC

“Loving it so far. Appropriate for many of my adult clients, too! Two thumbs up!”
– Connie Cheila Huettner, MA, MT-BC

“I love the music quiz game. I have used this activity with both adolescents and my adult groups. All I do is change up on some of the songs to meet the needs of the group. Also I love song writing and have used the song writing ideas with some of my children groups. Just to share I work on inpatient psych units. Thanks so much for this great resource.”
– Jennifer Hezoucky, MT-BC

“Just had a really positive session with a class of seven 6-yr-olds with autism. I used your Haunted House idea, sang the song with the guitar, and saved sound files of eight noises (knocking, boo, etc.) I had eight buddy buttons for the students to press when it was their turn in the song-story. They focused for nearly 15 minutes and were highly engaged, and loved the activity! I also tried the buddy buttons with an older class (higher functioning verbal 9 year olds) later in the day, so they didn’t really need the support, but they absolutely loved the activity. Thank-you for your ideas!”
– Catherine Schmidt, Special Ed Teacher & Music Specialist

Tuneful Teens is a great resource to expand my repertoire and has provided me tools to work off in my practice.  I like the variety of interventions and songs!  Suggestions for making it better would be to simply add a second edition!”
– Kristin Noel Veteto, MT-BC

“I’ve really liked having Tuneful Teens as a resource. I just started working with a group of girls age 11-12 and had no idea what kind of music to use or how to structure interventions, and your book came along at just the right time. Most of the girls have Auditory Processing Disorder so I’ve used the Auditory Perception Training exercises; I’ve done the hangman game (they loved it!); and the instrument call and response. I also put together my own cards for the guess who game and plan to use that with another group I’m doing, we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for putting this together, it’s a nice quick easy helpful resource.”
– Jaycie Voorhees, MM, MT-BC

“I purchased your ebook over the summer, but have just had a chance to use your ideas with the start of the school year.  I started with musical hangman and I was very happy with how well it went!  The classroom I used it in is a high school class of students fairly high on the autism spectrum and with the “just too cool for music therapy” attitude.  Thank you, and I look forward to using some of your other ideas in the future!”
– Cindy Long, MT-BC
“I bought your book because frankly after two summers, I was scrapped for fresh ideas. My favorite thing about your book is that every activity comes with a template or some sort of example which allows me to quickly and easily see what you did and how I can adapt it for my groups. My favorite activity has been musical hangman.  I have done similar things in the past, but I liked the addition of pulling a task out of a drum.  I have yet to use your obstacle course idea, but I love it.  Your book was just the push my brain needed to get my creative juices flowing again. Thank you!!”
– Ambriel Taylor
“I received both E-Books–thank you!  I love the ideas, and am going to adapt the games for teens with my senior population.  These are really nice resources; thank you again! I was thrilled to find such valuable resources!
– Melanie McWreath
I have had great success with activities from your books! I got your e-mail about the musical obstacle course and I can’t wait to try it out with my kids. I work at a private school that caters specifically to kids with SLD’s, ADD/ADHD and ASD. We have about 70 student from 3rd grade thru 12th so your books have been a wonderful resource for me. My job title is “Music Therapist” but I see all students once a week. My class is sort of like a general music class/therapy session. I am teaching them to read and play music but I also make sure to plug in some therapy stuff into each class as well because they can all benefit from it. Thank you for everything. I am so glad I have found all the wonderful resources you offer!
– Tracey Kinnunen, MT-BC
“Thanks for this resource. I work with adults who have substance abuse problems. I’ve been using some of the games in my group sessions. It’s helped me because I wanted to spice things up a little after doing the same things for so long…I am the only music therapist where I work, and this book has jump-started some more creative ideas and I want to thank you again for sharing.”
– Brittany Harmon, MT-BC
“Thanks so much Amy!  I wanted to let you know that your book, Tuneful Teens, has been very helpful to me this year.  I’m working with a new population – groups with behavioral, mental, emotional and learning disabilities and I’ve done some of your intervention ideas.  One group is especially tough to plan for, so I’m grateful to have your book as a resource. Thanks again.”
– Linda Jedrzejek, MT-BC
“I have purchased both of your E-Books and had a ton of success with your activity ideas. Thank you so much for these resources. Everyone who works with adolescents should have these resources!”
– Alyssa Monas, MT-BC
“Your activity book is really fun and creative. We have an internship program here and your activities have been very helpful to them.”
– Alicia Barksdale, MS, MT-BC
“Both books had so many creative ideas and I’m excited to integrate them into my sessions. Thanks again for the great resources!”
– Christine MacIsaac, MT-BC
“I’ve been using the Tuneful Teens E-Books with really good results in my schools so far, I’ve found the games work really well for engagement and building social skills within the groups. It’s really made an impact on the students I work with so thank you very much!”
– Luke Jones
“I bought your E-Book, and my teens and young adults have totally loved the activities I’ve used from it so far! :)”
– Kim Beck, MT-BC
“I have used a few of your activities with a few adaptations (Musical Hangman and the food rhythms activity) with my middle & high schoolers – they loved it! Thanks for such a great product!”
– Kristen Bozard, MT-BC
“Thank you for your book. I am finding lots of useful tips and ideas in it that are helping me in my sessions with inpatient psych adolescents :)”
– Pamela Draper, MT-BC
“I’m a Music Therapy student, and working with teens for the first time. This E-Book gave me specific ideas to use during sessions, and also provided a spring board for me to generate more ideas on my own.”
– Kristen Schneider, Music Therapy Student
“Thanks Amy, I absolutely love both E-Books!”
– Karen Collins, MT-BC
I purchased Tuneful Teens a couple years ago and have used various interventions from it at different times.  I just have to tell you THANK YOU for sharing your awesome ideas and share a success story with you!  I have been seeing middle school and high school-aged students at a private school for three weeks now.  They are all very high functioning and have various diagnoses, primarily autism, asperger’s, and anxiety.  Each week the sessions have gone well, but have required MANY prompts for them to stay on task, listen, and be respectful to their peers (not a surprise for this age!).  I have been addressing respect for others and teamwork.  I used the Social Skills Hearts game and adapted it for this group.  I sang “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars.  I included some questions from the Tuneful Teens book (i.e. “Give someone a compliment”) and included other questions that relate to friends, social situations that occur at school (i.e. “What should you say if someone is distracting you in the classroom?”), respect, and emotions (i.e. “How does it make you feel when someone interrupts you while you are talking?”).  One student has had difficulty remaining in the room and participating.  He stayed in the room for the full session (with lots of prompting, which was okay!).  He dropped the tambourine several times due to anxiety, and the other students were independently offering him support such as, “We’re not mad at you. I thought it was kind of neat how the tambourine made that sound.”  They were ALL laughing, giving honest and very great answers, AND LISTENING TO EACH OTHER!!!!  It went 10x better than I ever expected!  Lots of laughter, smiles, listening, and thoughtful/respectful comments occurred.  I had some other interventions planned for the session after social skills hearts, but we only had time for this as they were very engaged in the intervention. I am still on cloud 9 about all three of those sessions that occurred on Monday.  It was so awesome hearing all of the positive feedback from the teachers and school administrator who observed the sessions at various times!  They were all amazed at how the students responded and respected each other, too!  Again, THANK YOU!!!!”
– Jansen Williams
*All comments used with written permission :)

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