Halloween-Themed Attention & Perception Training Exercises

"Halloween-themed attention & perception training exercises." Kind of a mouthful, isn't it? That'a just a fancy way of saying that we're going to use Halloween songs to work on attention and perception skills (like listening and following directions). Here's an idea that can be used with clients of all ages: Play a spooky Halloween song [...]

Halloween-Themed Attention & Perception Training Exercises2019-10-09T19:11:54+00:00

Spooky Music Listening for School-Age Students

I prepared a spooky music listening session for my school-age kiddos this week and I'm EXCITED about it! My goals for the students in these classes are: To improve auditory perception skills (ie. listening skills) To improve sustained attention And, to practice using adjectives (one of the goals shared by their teachers) These goals, paired [...]

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The Costume Rap {for tweens & teens}

Halloween is right around the corner and there is a hint of Fall in the air (yipee!). Here in Miami that just means the humidity has dropped slightly, but I'll take it! Come on over and grab some free Halloween intervention ideas here and then check out this new idea I came up with: It's called the [...]

The Costume Rap {for tweens & teens}2019-09-28T18:06:41+00:00

Halloween Intervention Roundup

Halloween is approaching and I don't know about you, but I am loving coming up with my session plans this month. If you've read my blog posts in the past, you know I love a good themed session plan. Halloween is especially fun because there are so many interesting characters to incorporate (witches, ghosts, and goblins), themes to [...]

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It’s Fall Ya’ll: Halloween Theme

My favorite season is upon us: Fall! The past few days here in Miami have been beautiful. The temperatures have cooled to the low 80s (ha!) and there's been a nice breeze blowing throughout the day. I'll take what I can get! Despite the warm temps, I love to bring as much of the seasonal [...]

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Halloween is Coming…Are You Ready for Some Sensory Ideas?

I have to say that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Although it's usually still pretty hot and sticky here in Miami, I always enjoy singing songs about pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins. Last year I shared two videos of special Halloween singable stories: "Big Pumpkin" and "Nightsong" (these were a little different than my usual [...]

Halloween is Coming…Are You Ready for Some Sensory Ideas?2019-09-28T18:41:32+00:00

Book ‘n Song: “Big Pumpkin”

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween last week! We sure enjoyed celebrating with the children at Early Beginnings Academy. We started off the week with a Book 'n Song: "Nightsong," a beautiful story about a bat going off into the world to find his way (watch the video to see!) If you would like the [...]

Book ‘n Song: “Big Pumpkin”2019-10-14T12:28:38+00:00

A Special Book ‘n Song for Halloween: “Nightsong”

Happy Halloweenweek! I am blogging one day earlier than usual so I can share a special video with you. This Halloween at Early Beginnings Academy, we decided to do something a little different for the children. Our director, Yvonne, read a story called "Nightsong" by Ari Berk to the children. I accompanied her with a [...]

A Special Book ‘n Song for Halloween: “Nightsong”2019-09-26T18:45:48+00:00
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