I hope you had a wonderful Halloween last week! We sure enjoyed celebrating with the children at Early Beginnings Academy.

We started off the week with a Book ‘n Song: “Nightsong,” a beautiful story about a bat going off into the world to find his way (watch the video to see!)

If you would like the musical “score” I composed to go along with this story, jump on the email list below. I will be sending out a PDF of the sheet music to all my subscribers very soon!

Later in the week, the staff and I shared another special treat with the children: a dramatic performance of the story “Big Pumpkin” by Erica Silverman. This story is a classic!

I composed the musical “score” for this by reading through the story and trying to mimic what was happening in the storyline musically (kind of what we do in our music therapy sessions, right?)

Each character has their own theme. Watch and see (and listen!)

This was SO much fun to put together and the children were totally and completely engaged.

I would love to hear from you. What books could YOU add a musical accompaniment to? Leave a comment below…