Music Therapy Intervention: “How Are You?” By: B. Brunk & S. Cartwright, Prelude Music Series

Goal: To increase awareness of emotions in self and others

Objectives: To verbally identify emotions in pictures and to verbalize how he is feeling

Music Therapy Intervention: Songwriting

Goal: To improve social skills

Objective: Client will articulate five ways to meet a new friend or be a good friend

We started the session by brainstorming all the ways you can meet a new friend and all the ways you can be a good friend. We then wrote those ideas down on a bubble map. Some of the ideas DJ came up with were: you can ask “What is your name?” and you can give hugs and kisses. Next, we inserted those ideas into the song using the framework of “The Sharing Song” by Jack Johnson. We practiced the song multiple times and he sang it at his Kindergarten Graduation ceremony. DJ took home a copy of the song lyrics so he can remember ways to be a good friend when he starts his new school in the fall!

“It’s Always More Fun” Lyrics:

CHORUS: It’s always more fun to make new friends at school. It’s always more fun to make new friends at school.

VERSE: If you meet a new kid, ask “What is your name?” If you meet a new kid, tell them “I am your friend!”

VERSE 2: To make a new friend, you give them hugs and kisses. To make a new friend, you sing and make music with them!

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