I don’t know about you, but I love a good session planning theme.

I find that having a theme helps me feel more inspired, more creative, and more excited about session planning in general.

So when I started getting requests for another Elevate Email Idea Subscription, the wheels began turning for what to offer next.

I’ve been facilitating Outer Space / Planet themed sessions this week, and I feel energized and excited. We’re doing creative listening to The Planets Suite by Holst, using rhythm sticks as rocket ships, and doing intergalactic rhythm combos.

I know I have cool things planned that the students will love, and I can see the students feed off of that positive energy.

This got me thinking that a package where I share the holiday and theme ideas that I’ve been using with my elementary, middle and high school-age clients would be perfect to offer next.

I’ve got themed ideas for every topic you can think of (all age appropriate for school-age and teen clients of course) – patriotic, going to the movies, friendship, camping, the Olympics, the Nutcracker, Encanto, and alllll the holidays and seasons.

Here’s a post from way back in 2016, where I share my creative process for session planning based on a theme (to be sure I stay totally goal-oriented).

And, here’s a post where I share how I incorporate dance, movement, and arts experiences into my themed sessions for middle and high schoolers.

If you love a good session planning theme as much as I do, I’ve got great news!

Next week (the week of June 26th), the brand new Holidays & Themes Package for the Elevate Email Idea Subscription will be available (at a discounted rate and for 7 CMTEs!), kicking off with a patriotic theme just in time for Fourth of July.

Stay tune to your email and Insta for all the details!