Halloween-Themed Attention & Perception Training Exercises


"Halloween-themed attention & perception training exercises." Kind of a mouthful, isn't it? That'a just a fancy way of saying that we're going to use Halloween songs to work on attention and perception skills (like listening and following directions). Here's an idea that can be used with clients of all ages: Play a spooky Halloween song [...]

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The Leaves Are Falling One By One


Although I have a storehouse of session ideas (especially when it comes to Fall!), I always like to keep things fresh and bring in new musical experiences for my clients. My mom recently sent a book in the mail for my daughters (who are ages 2 and 4) and they love it, but as soon [...]

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A Camping We Will Go…With Our Senses


I just returned home from a lovely trip to Boston with my little one for a family get together. The weather was beyond beautiful and we enjoyed some delicious BBQs in the backyard. Now that I'm home, I'm ready to wrap up the little camping series I started two weeks ago. You can catch up [...]

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A Camping We Will Go…Some More!


Last week, I shared a post on a Camping Theme I'm working on with my K-5 students in music therapy. We started off with a camping hello song while looking at pictures in the book "Down By the River." Then, we roasted marshmallows over a campfire of red, orange and yellow scarves in a drum, [...]

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A Camping We Will Go


I've recently been beefing up my arsenal of activities for the school-age population (grades K-5). Two years ago I started working at a school for children with special needs, and it's been a great exercise in creativity for me! I have lots of ideas for working with children and teens, but not many that are [...]

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The Sights & Smells of Fall


Sensory sessions based on a theme are my absolute fave. Right now, it's all about Fall ya'll. Although it never truly feels like Fall here in Miami (high today of 83!) I still try to get into the spirit of the season in my sessions. Using Fall and all the goodness that goes along with [...]

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Themed Session Plans: The Key To Unlocking Your Creativity


If you're a regular here at the Wholesome Harmonies blog, you know I LOVE a good themed session plan. We're getting to that time of year when theme ideas abound: there's Harvest, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Wintertime. I love all of it! I find that when planning for my sessions, starting with a theme [...]

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It’s Beach Theme Time


I love a good themed session, don't you? I like using themes because they help me think outside the box to find new ideas to use, and really inspire me to be creative in how I help my clients meet their goals. This month, it's all about the BEACH! Here are some of the experiences I [...]

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It’s Fall Ya’ll: Turkeys, Turkeys Everywhere


I intended to write this blog post last week (ie. before Thanksgiving), but sometimes when you're working from home with a 1 1/2 year old, things don't always go as planned, am I right? So here we are a few days post-Turkey day and I want to share some of the songs and musical experiences I've [...]

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It’s Fall Ya’ll: Halloween Theme


My favorite season is upon us: Fall! The past few days here in Miami have been beautiful. The temperatures have cooled to the low 80s (ha!) and there's been a nice breeze blowing throughout the day. I'll take what I can get! Despite the warm temps, I love to bring as much of the seasonal [...]

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