Recently, I moved from Miami up north and started working virtually at a school in Maryland.

I provide group, individual, and consult music therapy services for their middle and high school students with autism and related disabilities (which I absolutely love doing).

During the consult for one student who has music therapy on their IEP, the team shared that it would be helpful to have a song to remind this student of how to stay in the Green Zone.

This refers to the Zones of Regulation.

Staying in the Green Zone means you’re feeling happy, calm, and okay; you’re focused and ready to learn.

The team shared several other phrases that they repeat for this student, such as “School is for learning,” and “Quiet and safe hands,” all of which I incorporated into the song.

Have a listen to “Let’s Stay In The Green Zone” and see if it might be helpful for the students with whom you work:


And, you can click below to download the lyrics so you can use the song in your sessions this week: