When it comes to creating musical experiences for my school age clients, here’s how it typically goes:

As soon as I know the goal I’m targeting (typically a goal in the attention and perception realm, since those skills translate directly into having success in the classroom and a work environment), my immediate next step is to examine the music I’ll be using to help target that goal.

Music selection is critical.

The music is what will draw our clients in, capture their attention, and keep them engaged as we work together on their goals and objectives.

The majority of my clients and students are into pop music and pop singers – everyone from Ariana Grande to Justin Bieber to Billie Eilish.

So once I have goals and objectives in place, I look closely at the music by these artists and see how can I use their songs therapeutically.

This is the creative challenge that my brain LOVES!

Today I’ll be sharing some ways I use pop music to target attention and perception goals. The great part about this is that you don’t have to use songs by Ariana, Justin, or Billie just because my clients prefer them (in fact you shouldn’t!)

All you need to do is insert your clients’ and students’ preferred music into this musical experience and you’re good to go.

Here’s how I use pop songs to target attention & perception skills, specifically auditory sequencing:

I begin by finding a popular or client preferred song that has a strong beat.

Then, I teach a movement sequence or instrumental sequence to go along with the chosen song.

Simple as that!

Remember, simple can still be effective. And by using client preferred songs, or songs they recognize from the radio, my clients are immediately engaged and ready to participate.

Here are some examples of what this might look like with popular songs out now:

“Summer Vibes” Pegato Remix by Walk Off the Earth

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

“Savage Love” (clean version) by Jason Derulo

  • Verses: Rhythm sticks 3x / maraca 3x / triangle 3x
  • Chorus: Drum 3x / tambourine 3x / jingle stick 3x

“Bang!”(clean version) by AJR

  • Verses: Three drums of three sizes in a row, hit one per beat with a rest at the end
  • Chorus: Rhythm sticks 3x / maraca 3x / triangle 3x

“Dynamite” by BLS

  • Verses: pat pat clap rest
  • Chorus: clap clap snap snap

“Jalebi Baby” by Tesher & Jason Derulo

  • Verses: Three drums of three sizes in a row, hit one per beat with a rest at the end
  • Chorus: Rhythm sticks tap down 2x / up 2x

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