Wow has it been a LONG time since I’ve written a new post!

I had to look back and see that it was at the end of July that I last published a blog post.

I hope you’ll excuse me. It has been quite a whirlwind summer:

My family and I moved from Miami, FL up to my hometown in rural Pennsylvania. Life could not be any more different for us here and we are loving it.

Instead of fighting traffic to get our daughters to school on time (we lived 4 miles away and it would take us 40 minutes!) we are now driving the back roads, past green pastures with cows.

My girls are back to in-person school, which is fantastic for them and our whole family.

I am busy, busy, busy working from home:

Continuing with a full caseload of virtual music therapy sessions and lessons (which I now facilitate while facing a window with beautiful weeping willow trees outside);

Continuing to run my business in South Florida, since we have made so many wonderful connections with families and organizations there over the years;

And, now teaching Introduction to Music Therapy ONLINE for University of Miami, my alma mater. How cool is that?

I can truly say I’ve created a business and life that I love.

I can devote school-hours to my business and work, and devote my after-school hours to playing outside with my girls, practicing soccer with them, and exploring our new hometown.

This past weekend we rode on a tractor, went apple picking, and visited a miniature horse farm.

We are not in Miami anymore!

Now that my girls are back to in-person school, I feel like I can breathe a bit, catch up on a year and a half of work, and start to get back to blogging, and sending out email ideas and creative resources, (which is the stuff that really lights me up).

I’ll be back soon with some ideas that I have been storing up and waiting to share with you.