Making music therapy sessions and classes “cool” for our tween and teen clients can be tricky.

In my last blog post, I shared one of my favorite ways to instantly up the cool factor on our musical experiences for teens.

It’s a simple technique, but can make a huge difference in whether your clients say “That was boring” or “That was cool – can we do it again next week?”

Today I have another tip to share that has helped increase engagement and participation in my teen clients dramatically.

It all started with virtual sessions, where I had access to a wider variety of music online.

Here’s the tip: when you search in YouTube, type “remix” after the song title.

This will bring up fun, upbeat versions of the songs you are looking to use.

Yesterday, I led Spring-themed sessions with groups of male high school students.

We did a creative movement experience to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Spring. (Learn more about that here).

I started off with the traditional classical music version. Then, halfway through I paused it {insert record scratch} and started playing a remix version.

It was faster and more upbeat, and I immediately saw an increase in participation from just those few variables being changed.

I’ve used the Remix Technique in Patriotic Sessions. (Did you know there is a metal version of “Yankee Doodle”? My students loved marching to this one).

And, I’ve used the technique in Winter Sessions. (It IS possible to make the Nutcracker cool – even for a class of 6th grade boys).

Have you used the Remix Technique to boost the cool factor of the songs you bring into your sessions?

Let us know in the comments below – I’d love to try out some new ideas!

For more creative ideas for school-age clients and teens, check out the Virtual Music Therapy Planning Packs for Spring & Summer: