Last week, I shared some of the ways we as music therapists make adapted music lessons “cool” and engaging for our teen students.

This is so important, especially for this age group, right?

Today, I want to share a little more about one of the ideas that has been a particular hit with my students of all ages – Creative Improvisations.

Yes, we use the lesson book and learn music theory.

But, I feel there needs to be extra things to make the lessons interesting and exciting for my students.

Enter: Creative Improvs!

I start and end each lesson with an improvisation. Sometimes, I leave it completely open ended and invite the student to play however they would like.

And sometimes, I give creative prompts for the improvisations. For example: play like you are a dinosaur stomping around. Or, play like you are a ballerina dancing, or a spaceship taking off. Then, we’ll reverse it. I’ll ask them to play something and see if I can guess what they are trying to depict.

I also create themed improvs based on holidays and seasons.

Recently, my students played St. Patrick’s Day improvs:

I think the sneaky leprechaun was a favorite across the board.

You can download the St. Patrick’s Day Creative Improvs here to save for next year or get some ideas for upcoming holidays and seasons:

And this month, we are all about Spring! You can get in on the fun too.

Click here to order your Creative Improv Bundle, which includes ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, Spring & Summer improvisations.

I’m just now getting on a roll with these themed improvs, and am planning some fun ones for Fourth of July, the Beach, and all the Fall holidays.

I’d love for you to try out the creative improvs with your clients or students – they can work for students of all levels.

If you try them out, be sure to let me know how it goes!