Over the past few weeks, I’ve given you a little sneak peak into The Attention & Perception E-Course.

We’re winding down our spotlight series and it is almost time for the doors to open for enrollment (the week of March 22nd – happy dance!)

Last week, I shared how videos are used in the course to teach and demonstrate techniques.

And prior to that, I shared some of the creative ideas you’ll learn in the course to target auditory perception skills and attention.

Today, I’m giving a sneak peek at some of the bonus features and extras that come along with the course to enhance your learning (and help you earn more CMTEs!)

This course is one of the offerings that I am most proud of.

I put my whole heart into making this course – packing it with great information that’s presented in a way that’s clear and organized, but not overwhelming. Making it accessible and easy to work through. And of course, being available to participants through email.

Hearing positive stories from participants who’ve taken action and implemented the ideas makes me so happy I could jump for joy.

Sarah Jarvis, a music therapy intern had this to say about the course: “Would I recommend the course to others? Oh, absolutely. Your voice is easy to listen to, your videos are excellently edited, and your material is succinct and straightforward. For someone with ADD, this was AWESOME and so simple to stay attentive. The edited videos of client interventions seamlessly fit into the instruction videos. It made it so easy to mentally jump from what a therapist can do to use this information and these techniques. Thank you for making it a fun learning experience!

And Laura Pruett, MT-BC said: “I think the course is great. I didn’t realize there was so much to dissect about attention and perception, it was very informative. My favorite feature of the course was how organized everything was.”

Participants also mentioned how helpful the bonus content was.

In addition to having access to the E-Course and earning 5 continuing ed credits, here’s a sampling of the bonuses that come along with the course’s Basic Package:

Listening Guides that you can print and use right away with your clients and students. And, step-by-step instructions for how to create your own listening guides, based on the musical preferences of the individuals with whom you work.

Pop Song Rhythm Sheets that go along with current popular music from the radio, like songs by JoJo Siwa and Lil Nas X. And, ones that can be customized and used with your clients’ favorite songs.

Themed Rhythm Combo Sheets are some of my favorite visuals to create. Rhythm sheets are included for holiday and seasonal rhythm combos, Disney, and outer space themes. And, instructions are provided that show you how to easily create your own rhythm combos based on the interests of your unique clients.

MP3s and Sheet Music for ten original songs that are presented in the course. PLUS, dance break rap track MP3s (looped hip hop beats) that you can use with your clients for “brain breaks” and dance/movement activities.

Video Demonstrations so you can easily see what the interventions look and sound like in action. Plus, tips and tricks for documenting attention goals, and how to engage teens.

Session Videos so you can have a peak into what the techniques look like in action with clients. All videos with clients are used with permission.

Creativity Worksheets to go along with each chapter. I want to make sure you don’t just watch the videos and put the information away in a folder, never to be seen again. These Creativity Worksheets help you take action by brainstorming song and session ideas for your unique clients.

If you want to take it to the next level:

The Advanced Package includes an article review for 3 additional CMTE credits. You’ll read “Joint Attention Responses of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder to Simple Versus Complex Music” (I’ll provide it to you!) and answer reflection questions. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of joint attention and the kind of music that is most effective in eliciting responses to joint attention.

The Pro Package includes the article review described above and an email idea subscription for 10 additional CMTE credits. You’ll receive one package of brand new session ideas that target attention and/or perception straight to your inbox at the beginning of each month. The ideas will be in PDF format and include step-by-step instructions, as well as all the information you’ll need to prepare and facilitate the musical experiences. This includes lyrics, MP3s, visuals, musical game templates, or listening guides.

With each month’s idea you’ll also receive a Creativity Worksheet that prompts you to plan out goals, objectives, and musical experiences to work on that attention or perception skill with your own unique clients. You’ll also have access to email me with any questions regarding the topics and techniques you’re learning in the course.

Are you ready to jump in?

The doors open for The Attention & Perception E-Course are opening up soon: Monday, March 22nd – Friday, March 26th.

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I’d love to have you join the course.

Ashley Lewis, MT-BC emailed me a few months ago and said: “I, of course love your resources and I think you are brilliant. Your work needs to be celebrated and I’ve told my friends about your website and how awesome your resources are. The support I get from your resources makes my planning so much easier and less stressful. I am huge fan of yours and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next bc I will be buying it! I can’t wait for the next E-Book, keep crushing it over there!!”

More than 350 music therapists, educators, and professionals have taken Wholesome Harmonies E-Courses and successfully put the ideas into use in their sessions and classrooms.

If you’re interested in learning more about the E-Course, be sure to hop on the wait list now and I’d love to see you over in the course when it opens!