Last week, I gave a little sneak peek into The Attention & Perception E-Course and some of the creative ideas you’ll learn to target auditory perception skills (those skills that help our clients develop speech and language, follow directions in school, and socialize with friends = super important!)

Today I’m going to shine a spotlight on more of the fresh, grab-and-go ideas you’ll find in the second part of the E-Course, those that target attention:

Tap & Stop – You’ll learn one of my favorite warm up activities to use with tweens and teens, which can also double as a way to re-engage them if they’ve lost focus. (It’s especially helpful during teletherapy sessions.)

“Look & Listen” – Grab the sheet music for this song and others in the Course Documents folder, so you can implement them in your sessions right away to work on sustained attention with your clients.

I Spy/I Hear – Learn how to facilitate a patriotic or harvest-themed I Spy/I Hear musical experience – this one is perfect for teletherapy AND working on selective attention.

Form a Band – Do you have a student who wants to sing or rap? What about drummers? Maraca players? Learn how to set up a band to engage your students in developing different kinds of attention. In the Course Docs, you’ll get sample scores, rhythm sheets, and blank score templates.

Pop Songs – See how I incorporate songs by Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, and Ariana Grande in my sessions. You’ll learn how to incorporate your clients’ favorite music into these experiences too. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even know they’re developing sustained, selective, and divided attention skills.

Listening Guides – Learn how you can incorporate listening guides as a way to not only work on developing your clients’ attention skills, but also to introduce them to a wide variety of music. Pop on over to the Course Documents to download PDF Listening Guides for Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the Nutcracker Suite, and Spooky Halloween Music. And, you’ll learn how to create your own Listening Guides that are tailored to your students’ and clients’ musical interests.

Color-Coded Notation – Watch videos of how I use color-coded notation with my clients and students to develop their sustained attention. (You’ll get to see examples using resonator bells and hand bells!)

Spooky Halloween Song Story – Would your students be up for a spooky Halloween song story? This is a great way to work on selective attention, while also engaging them in some holiday fun.

Jazz Up Your Instrument Playing Activities – Learn creative ways to jazz up a bland instrument playing activity so your clients are more engaged and better able to meet their attention goals.

This is just a small sampling of what you’ll learn in the course.

The skills your clients are working on in these musical experiences have a direct transfer to the “real world” – to their classroom and therapy sessions, and social situations. This in turn, helps them improve in other areas as well – communication, socialization, academics, and motor skills.

If it sounds like your clients and students would benefit from these kinds of musical experiences, then you’ll be glad to know that the doors for The Attention & Perception E-Course will be opening very soon (in early March 2021). Yay!

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More than 350 music therapists, educators, and professionals have taken Wholesome Harmonies E-Courses and successfully put the ideas into use in their sessions and classrooms.

Carolyn Perkins, a music teacher, had this to say about the course: “Chapter 2 and 3 were extremely informative. I found the section regarding addressing multiple levels of ability very helpful as well as the science background as it applies to perception and retention of information. Very informative and clear information from a real world perspective. Thank you again for such a great course, well organized too. I was telling my husband today that you are a gifted instructor and I think anyone who presents information could benefit from your content.”

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